Friday, March 11, 2022

Pinot The Cavie and Matt the Lab OTRB

Photo from his blog post on March 9, 2022
you may travel to his blog  HERE

Handsome Matt from Bell Fur Zoo

Has Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

His blog doesn't allow copying of photos (I found out when I tried)

You May click here to visit the blog

He was a most handsome black lab how was well loved and gave love

Run Free Matt


  1. Hari OM
    I did not have the pleasure of making Matt's acquaintance, but surely do offer condolences to his furmily; even when we know the inevitable is due, there is no stopping the heart from crying... YAM xx

  2. Dear Family of Pinot and Matt
    My sincere sympathy to you all at the loss of you precious and beloved pets.
    I remember that boy furries grew up with loving huMan siblings who loved them. The children experienced the power of unconditional love from their pets
    Hugs Cecilia Mom to Angel Madi

  3. I didn't know Matt but did know Pinot. You'll see them again.

  4. We're so sad about our little friend Pinot who lived just across Lake Ontario from us. Hugs to his family. And hugs to Matt's family too.

  5. Dear POTP. Thank you so much for sharing our post and all your sweet words. Also I am sorry for your loss, Matt's family. Hugs to all.

    Pinot's mom