Thursday, January 14, 2021

Rainbow Friends December 2020

These dear friends crossed their Rainbow Bridge during the month of December and
we truly hope you will take a moment to visit with comforting words, which mean so
much to those left behind. Thank you.

A special note today ~ January 2021 begins the Tenth Year of Our Rainbow Friends,
always dedicated solely to the memory of pets loved and lost. Yet, now we who have 
spent these years creating a memory for each of these pet friends are becoming 
disillusioned and disappointed in our community and an apparent and growing lack of interest.
Certainly many from years past no longer are active bloggers and others now prefer
social media for posting, all well and good. But for those who remain in this
community it seems reasonable to think you may have lost a pet, felt the grief or
if not, know it will come to you one sad day. Our Rainbow Friends will go on ~ with
one caring comment or none. With five or ten or more. It will be there for those
who suffer a loss. We hope that you also will be there ~ for them. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

POTP for Dad Mark at Mark Mews

A friend to many, and long time blogger MARK of MARK'S MEWS went up a tree
to encourage "scaredy cat Laz" to come down! 14-foot high he went up! Well,
he managed to get hold of Laz, but did they come down the ladder? NO! To
the ground they fell ... leaving Laz no worse for wear, but friend Mark was quite
badly injured. So: how about a visit to him with some funny words ... they
say laughter is the best medicine, though maybe not when you have several
broken ribs among other bumps, bruises and bangs. But we know a lot of you
can still do a good job of cheering him up! Thanks!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Sweet Zoey the Island Cat Lady OTRB

Zoey run free dear girl and may each day be filled with sunshine and gentle breezes.

Zoey I was quite envious of your beautiful eyes of aquamarine 

Hugs Cecilia

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Norma Jean

Norma Jean, a "portie people dog", loving and gentle, has crossed her
Rainbow Bridge. Few have visited ~ perhaps because her blog moved to
a new address just a short time ago.
But it would be lovely if you could visit now, to wish this sweet girl
farewell and leave words of comfort for the ones who miss her.
Thank you.

Norma Jean what a beautiful beach girl Portie you were.
I send hugs and prayers to your family
Hugs Cecilia

Saturday, January 2, 2021

POTP for Ella , Lucy's best friend

 I just rec'd a POTP request from Lucy for her bestie


  Please click here to visit Lucy and Xena's blog for details

Besties always watch over each other