Friday, December 1, 2017

Lily Belle, Muffin and their Mom need our POTP

We are sad to say Lily Belle passed away yesterday....12/1/17

We so need your prayers.....
We really need our friends prayers right now.
Lily is currently in the ICU in an oxygen tent and
really needs your prayers.

You see, Muffin was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with heart failure. She has been coughing
on and off and had her checked out. She is on 3 different types of medicine for it and is doing well. While at her follow up appointment this morning, we were sitting in the waiting room and Lily went into respiratory distress. They took her and immediately put her in the oxygen tent. The x-rays (who they e-mailed to their specialist) revealed Lily is also in heart failure with lot's of fluid around her heart. Also saw her liver is twice the size it should be. They are starting Lily on heart med's also immediately. Lily never exhibited any warning signs like Muffin did with her coughing. Lily will also need an Echocardiogram within the next week or two. They think there may also be a problem with her pulmonary vein. Needless to say we are freaking out. Our poor girl couldn't breathe. Thank the good Lord we were at the vet's when this happened.

Lily will remain in the oxygen tent for as long as needed. We are praying the med's start helping her quickly. Our hearts are hurting so bad right now. The two of them as you know, are our much loved kids. We want many more years with these two.

And to add to all this stress.....

I was hospitalized in October with an acute diverticulitis attack.
Never had this happen before. They did a repeat C-Scan a few weeks ago
and discovered masses on my kidney and on my adrenal glands.
I will be having an MRI next Thursday.

Please click here to visit their blog with words of comfort and prayers