Monday, August 28, 2017

POTP for Stella Rose

Stella Rose at The Three Little Pugs 
had surgery today to remove some stones from her bladder
In addition to a walnut size stone the dogtor also found several smaller stones.
The stones will be sent in for analysis. 

Her mom says that Stella Rose did well with the surgery 
and will be staying the night at the dogtors

We know they would appreciate some POTP and hugs 

you can visit them here

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dennis the Vizsla...needs some healing POTP.

Ruby my AireGal Pal has asked for a POTP for Dennis the Vizsla.  He is having a hard time.IBS and intestinal stuffs.  I know how bad Dennis must feel 'cause I had very similar problems
a few weeks ago.  Please visit Dennis and leave some healing vibes by clicking below.

This is his web page: 
Thanks my furiend!   I knows that he will appreciate it bunches!

Dennis Ruby and I send you lots of purrs, nose taps and healing kitty kitty 
slobber is very healing. I, Madi, recently had a bad bout with IBD so I know how you feel.
Madi and Ruby

ESME has crossed the bridge.

ESME ~ the beautiful blue eyed Tiny Dancer, so beloved, has crossed her rainbow bridge. Please visit with words of comfort for this beautiful little girl from Critters in the Cottage ... thank you.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Casey the Boxer needs some POTP

Hey folks. Remember I told you a few months back that my big ol' heart is just so full of love that it skips beats sometimes? I've been on medicine to control it, but I had a follow-up test this week and I'm back to skipping some beats again. Now I have to take meds THREE times a day, blech. I'm getting another test in a month to see if it's working or if we need to try some different meds. I'd appreciate some POTP to make sure it works. You know I feel fine, but Mommas get worried, that's all. You may leave healing comment and good wishes here or click here to go to Casey's blog

Monday, August 7, 2017

Madi: Wednesday, 8/9/17 UPDATE

August 9, 2017
Madi update 

Madi did not eat much at all today.
I bought several new foods and even browned her some lean hamburger.
Her vet was off on today but the assistant on the phone.  She told me the vet on call might recommend an appetite stimulant
and science diet formula for digestive tract issues.
I picked up both.  Got the pill in her at about 4 and was told it would take ~24 hours to work.  When we were cooking supper, at about 5pm,  her Dad asked if I thought Madi would eat if she had ham mixed in her cat food.  We mixed in some ham and turkey. She had to lick the cat food off to get to the deli meat.
This was the most she had eaten all day and this was well before the
appetite stimulant should have started working.
10 points for Dad.

We will see her vet tomorrow at 3:30.

Madi Mom here:
Madi had a good sleep last night, no tummy distress.
We are giving her small meals several times a day.
This morning she has had 2 servings of fishy goodness.
I have 3 kinds of kibble here that she likes or has liked.
She has a kibble buffet fit for a Diva.
She has sampled all of them this morning.
We will continue with the Cerenia and call her vet back 
on Thursday with an update.  
Thank you so very much for all your meows, barks and prayers
Madi and Mom

We are asking for your thoughts and prayers for our own dear Madi.

 Our First Feline Mayoress of Blogville is having several health concerns, likely due to or complicated by, age.  Although she can still twerk with the best of them, her body is just not cooperating.  Most concerning is the rate at which she is losing weight (from 9 pounds to 6.5 pounds).

We're hopeful that her vet can get her through this and back to good health.  In the meantime, please send POTP for Madi, her mom and dad, and for her vet to make the best decisions for the course of her treatment.

Please go to Madi's blog for more information.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Charlie of Feline Wisdom

We received a request for POTP for Charlie from Feline Wisdom (7 cats and counting) who went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Charlie was scheduled to have an infected tooth removed but X-rays showed an extensive malignancy in his jaw so his people sent him on to his next adventure.

Submitted by:  Mary McNeil

Friday, August 4, 2017

Shawnee Blogville's Hiker-K9 has gone OTRB

Shawnee 3/1/01-8/1/17

Shawnee never gave up her love of hiking in spite of her age and some 
mobility difficulties.  Her loving mom always made sure Shawnee had wheels!

You may visit Shawnee's Blog by clicking here  to read about this 
determined 16 year old lady who never gave up.