Friday, July 17, 2015

Shyla's Brother "R"

"R" (Romping & Rolling in the Rockies) is at the emergency vet with symptoms of toxin ingestion.  His parents are very scared, saying it is "touch and go".  Please send powerful POTP they can successfully treat this.  Will update as news becomes available.  KB Bear is posting on Facebook as well.

UPDATE:  R is hospitalized for ingestion of some sort of neurotoxin, perhaps a mushroom. By the time we departed the ER 45 min ago, I wasn't sure that he knew we were next to him while we said goodbye. Whatever toxin it is, it took a huge toll during the 2 hours between when we first noticed his symptoms and when we departed the emergency vet. Those of you who have seen a neurotoxin at work probably can visualize the state he was in. I'll leave the rest of you in blissful ignorance - I've never seen anything like it. Prognosis is unknown... the vet couldn't even guess at this point.

Thanks so much for all the support. We are numb and in disbelief that our high energy dog who was perfectly normal this morning is now fighting for his life.

Saturday Morning UPDATE:  Having made it through the night, "R" is improving!!  Keep the POTP coming and see their blog for details!

Sunday UPDATE:  "R" has made amazing progress and is home!  See their blog for details of this miracle!

Thursday, July 16, 2015


I just received an email from my Guy Raz  via his Mom Sharon

Madi, could you please post this on the POTP page for us?

My best bud, Dad aka Bill had biopsies done of 3 places on his nose. The surgeon confirmed the biopsy showed the rare cancer (which we already knew) and said that it is an aggressive cancer that will require the removal a major portion of Bill’s nose. They will be doing a PET scan to make sure this isn’t anywhere else but he said it is unlikely since this is not a cancer that usually spreads. let’s pray that nothing ELSE shows up in the PET scan. Bill will then need 6 weeks of radiation (they’ll be fitting him for a mask for that). He will have a prosthetic nose during that period because the radiation would destroy the cartilage if they did reconstruction prior to the radiation. The rebuilding is going to take a couple of months since they do it a little at a time.. For 30 days they will take a flap of skin from his forehead and attach it to the area that it will be moved to. When the blood supply is established, they will do the finishing steps of the reconstruction. The whole process will take quite a long time. The surgery will be out patient and take about an hour. Bill is bummed because he thinks he’s going to have to give up everything he does now. Hopefully, with the prosthetic nose, he’ll be comfortable doing things. We’re praying the radiation will not knock him out too much and he’ll be able to continue doing some the things he loves.  He’s just gotten back into the swing of things from his heart surgery and is so unhappy that he’s going to have to cut back again.
Allie, Ellie, Mom, Dad and I thank you all for your purrs and prayers. 
You may click here to leave words of encouragement for Raz's Dad.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Grandpa Bob has left us...

Mom just copied this from Lily Belle and 
Muffin's blog.   Please run over to leave some
loving words for Kim she has loved and nurtured
Grandpa Bob for many years. Giving him
a wonderful quality of life.  Click here to
get to their blog

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Julie...has crossed the bridge

JULIE ~ has  written she sadly crossed her Rainbow Bridge ~ "a charmer right from the start" ~ this beautiful little lady from Twinkletoe Tails has joined so many who have gone before.  Paula, her Mom was convinced when William Shakespeare wrote "Though she be but little, she is fierce!" he had Julie in mind.  Please visit with your words of comfort.

Thank you Ann for letting us know....


Angel Meowza stepped out onto a cloud today, and asked us all to put some paws together for his Moggie ~ Mog, one of the originators of the Cat Blogosphere (as old timers well know)  ... we wouldn't be around today without her time, energy and efforts ... well, she hasn't been feeling all that well of late.  So Angel Meowza is calling on one and all to purr and pray as hard as they can ... put 'em together cats!

Thank you Ann for letting us know about Moggie

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maddie The Pug

Maddie is having some bad troubles and needs POTP!  Her mom says:  

Maddie started having bad cramps in her right leg over the weekend. Her legs completely locked up and she could not move. We rushed her to the first doctor who would see her Tuesday morning.
The doctor said it might be related to her back/slipped disc in her back, but we aren't sure. We are supposed to take her back to the doctor Friday. 
She's on medication and we have to keep her confined (she's very confused
about this; she wants to play with her sisters even though she's sick).
Today, her legs are better than before (they have cramped only a few times
today), but she hasn't been able to keep her food down. We definitely are
worried about her because she is our whole world. Please keep her in your

Please visit here HERE!

Lily Belle

Please spread the POTP for our furend LilyBelle who is going in for surgery tomorrow.  See her blog for all the details HERE.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Sully is asking for some strong POTP for his new buddy JUDD

Judd was bit by a snake on Sunday
He has been to the vet and given some shots
Sully's mom is very worried 
and could use some prayers too

You can click on either name to visit Sully's blog

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today I've got a message from Kismet. I've learnt that


Sparkhawk Sapphire Knight of Sparhawk Scottie Dogs

Had to go to the bridge. He fought like a Scottie and  his humans fought with him, but sadly he lost this fight...

I'm sad that this world lost a Scottie again and I'm sad that a family lost their furfriend.

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