Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Treacle the UK AireGal has OTRB

 I only knew Treacle thru Molly our New England AireGal.  Treacle was full of fun, love of family and friends and Mom Susie's quilting pal. She passed quietly in her sleep.  Run free and may you always have sunshine on your shoulders and gentle breezes in your fur.

Please Click here to read Treacle's final Wednesday Wag on her Mom's quilting blog

Rocky a handsome Tuxie OTRB

You may visit Rocky's family HERE 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

POTP for Miss Paula

PAULA GREGG ~ well known, well loved around the CAT BLOGOSPHERE, the pet community
as a whole and throughout social media, has recently been diagnosed with cancer and your
prayers will be so gratefully received at this time, and going forward.  Paula began her award
winning blog, Sweet Purrfections in 2011, sharing with us the stories of her sweet Persian
lady, Praline and over the years became a strong presence in the community.  She sponsored
Secret Paws each holiday season, and began to publish the annual Cats of the World Weekly
Planner/Calendar.  She became a pet influencer with BlogPaws and, and an
active member, and later President of the Cat Writers Association (CWA).  She is active on
Facebook and other social media.  Today, you will find her beloved Persians, Truffle and Brulee
as the features of her ongoing blog.  
In April 2018, Paula became Managing Editor of the daily Cat Blogosphere, the place where
pets come together to share daily blog posts, events and news.  Paula has given so much of
her time and energy over the years, now it is time for us to return that gift to her.
Four months ago, in late December 2021, Paula took a break from her blog and the Cat
Blogosphere when her beloved Mother, Faye passed away.  She also took on the care of her
ailing Father at that time.  Now another burden has fallen on her ...
Please keep her in your prayers, a difficult road lies ahead.  Support and love will be needed.

Although there are no current postings on her blog, Sweet Purrfections, you may still
comment there, or leave comments on Facebook.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Dachshund Dixie OTRB

 I received a message via Blogger POTP Contact form about

Dixie a sweet Southern Belle, made her trip OTRB on April 13.

  She loved napping in  her mom's lap.

Many long time bloggers might remember the blog 

Simpatico it was full of Dachshund fun.  

Mom Shelle is now on FaceBook only.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Sammy OTRB 15 and Meowing

 Sammy my little Ginger friend may you only know gentle breezes and warm sun 


lick here to visit Angel Sammy's family