Monday, December 29, 2014

POTP for Dasiy's the Scottie's Friend

Daisy and her Mom's friend Beverly could use some POTP
Please read what Daisy wrote today:

This post is dedicated to Frankie and his mom, Beverly. 
Frankie joined an elite group of Blogville Scotties today. 
Frankie crossed the bridge to be with his siblings and paw-rents 
(who all had lived with Beverly). She sure could use some POTP for her broken heart. 

Here is Frankie taking a nap in his new bed he got for Christmas. He's a very handsome Scott!  
Red Plaid + a Scottie = Awesome

I don't think Ms. Beverly has a blog but you could leave comforting words her or at Daisy's blog
by clicking here or you can leave them in the POTP comment box.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Derby and Jade Over the Rainbow bridge

I am so sorry dear friends ~ I no longer know what to say.  It was only a few short hours ago we asked for purrs and prayers for dear Derby.  Renal failure set in, and he had to be helped to cross his Rainbow Bridge.  Please give your words of comfort ...

Sadly, we share the news that the very beautiful JADE from Cat Tails by Myst and Blackie has crossed her Rainbow Bridge today.  Words of comfort would be most appreciated ~ thank you one and all.


we've just learned now that dear little CODY of Cat Chat with Caren and Cody has gone to the emergency vet.  I believe Caren has posted updates on Facebook (am not sure if she has posted to her blog) ... but she is very worried and Cody definitely needs some purrs and prayers from one and all.  So please visit to leave a few words of support for all of them!  Thank You!


Purrs for: DERBY

Adorable little Derby ~ the Sassy Cat ~ is ill and has gone to the emergency vet.  We do not see a blog update to yet know what the problem is, but certainly purrs, prayers and the power of the paw will be most welcome!  Please stop by and share words of comfort ... thank you all.
thank you Ann from Zoolatry for this infromation

Joe the Donkey - Update 12/29/2014

To donate to help with the vet bill click HERE

At 3:30 this morning, a pack of wild dogs got into the field where Joe lives and he got all tangled up in some wire fencing and then somehow he got out but he is all cut up, one right by his eye and one bad one on his belly ... the vet is coming but it will take about an hour or more for him to get here. Needless to say, Marg is a wreck. Poor, sweet Joe is so, so sad looking all soaking wet from sweating from trying to get untangled. He just stands there and shakes.
PLEASE ... put paws together, send your best wishes and prayers to MARG and all the animals that our dear sweet Joe will come through this OK and soon be fixed-up just fine!  THANK YOU!

There is an update on Marg's blog. Joe's injuries are very serious and he may lose sight in one eye. Please click on the link above to read the update and leave some words of encouragement. 

*****UPDATE 12/29/2014 *******
FROM JOE and Marg

I have an update for you. A friend of the mom's came over yesterday afternoon and was horrified at how bad I looked. She brought all kinds of things to clean up all my cuts etc. She decided to take me to her special place where there is lots of help to treat all my cuts and my eyes. So Smoke and I went off the recovery camp.The Mom is very sad but knows it is the best thing for me. So hopefully we will have some pictures of me at my special place.  We also want to thank everyone so much for all the purrs and prayers for Joe. We know it is really helping.

Friday, December 26, 2014


Flynn is going to the vet this morning. He is very ill. Please purr and pray for him that we can bring him home again.



Wednesday, December 24, 2014




I just read that Noah,  one of the little guinea pigs from hutchagoodlife, had to see the vet today. He had an accident today and shattered a tooth and hurt his jaw. The vet trimmed his teeth back in line and now Noah has to take pain meds.  Please cross your paws for the little piggie and his humans.

Noahs blog:

Rory..CHRISTMAS Eve update

We received this today 12/24/14, in  email

Update of Rory's foot on our blog.  Rory had surgery today.  Yaahoo.  Thank you all for your healing thoughts.  Love and Merry Christmas to all
Click below to visit Rory and LESVE him feeling hugs
Note: This email was sent via the Contact Form gadget on

Rory From Downunder - Update

Rory DownUnder completed our 
POTP request form. Please see below
from Rory.

Hi Murphy and Stanley, I'm sorry to say my paw is much worse. I chewed off 
my toe nails again and part of a toe. i know it sounds stoopid but I did.
I'm on antibiotics and major pain relief and am seeing a specialist after
Christmas. I'm now wearing a cone of shame at night, as well as my
bandages and boots. Sigh. I made mum sad. We are looking forward to 2015
as a better year. Merry Christmas to you all. No worries, and slobber,
Rory (naughty boy) and Stella (sometimes naughty sister).

Stella and Rory |

Please click HERE to leave Rory some healing words

UPDATE:  Carol posted an update on her blog.  They took Rory to the dogtur to see if the meds were helping with the infection and the dogtur who was on duty decided to do surgery on Rory that minute.  It turned out Rory had NO feeling and so they were able to do it without anthestia!  Carol reports that all went well and it looks much better.  She is relieved there is no longer a hole.  See their blog for further information but continue with POTP for full healing.



Today I've got a message from Kaci, the sister of Kyla.
She wrote that  they were hit again. Sadie, the 5 year old dog of good friends went to the rainbow bridge  last night. It was a heart attack what came suddenly and unexpected for all.
Kaci told me that it is very, very hard for Sadies family and that they are overcome by grief.

I so agree, they maybe decorated the tree together and they bought gifts for the dog and then, so short before Chrsitmas, such a bad thing happens. Now for Sadie's family really nothing is like before and to avoid that they are alone with their grief, it may help when we send some POTP and consolation to Sadie's family...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Our furend Lily is sick and headed to the dogtur as we write this.  Apparently she has a bad UTI.  Last time she had one it turned into a life threatening situation.  Send her POTP that the dogtur can help her and she will respond quickly and well to treatment!

Update:  Lily has bladder stones.  Depending on what type they are they can be dissolved by diet or will require surgery.

Sunday, December 21, 2014



While mom and I were visiting Goose's blog we saw a comment left by our 
friend Mad Snapper, mom to Baby and Jake, their blog its found

Mad Snapper recently took some lovely photos of Baby enjoying the Florida sunshine.
Baby and Goose are the same age.  Baby is not doing very well either.


Dear Friends,

I just visited  the blog of my brother Goose and he said he feels not his best. He is a strong guy, yes a Weimaraner, of course... and he thinks it could be just  that age thingy...
But even for that age thingy we can send our POTP and maybe when we close our eyes and cross our paws all together it helps even to cover the side- and aftereffects of that age thingy.

to Goose's blog

Please feel better soon, brother!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mona - Updated

After our furiend Mona started limping, she went to the dogtur  and found out her knee cap had slipped. Because of her age and other factors she has limited options for treatment (due to a heart murmur and Cushing's Disease).  Please send your POTP to her so that the dogtur can find the best way to help her.

Update on December 20th:

Mona has been having a rough time of it lately, with the heart murmur (recently diagnosed) and nowa bad knee that can't be operated on because of her age, Cushings & heart murmur.  But there is some good news. The dogtur ran a yearly test when he found her knee problem (to monitor how her medication for the Cushings was working) and the results came back very good. The readings were better than last year. That's a blessing. Cushings is not curable but can be kept at bay.

She is in pain but the new medications seem to the helping a little. It just hurts to see her hopping around.

Friday, December 19, 2014

For Ann - of Pawsitively Pets

It is difficult to find words when a loved one loses their battle against cancer ~ but we all try in some small way.
Blogging friend to so many, Ann Staub of Pawsitively Pets has just said farewell to her beloved Mother whose fight was long and hard.  Your words of comfort will surely be helpful at this time.  Thank you.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Family of Kyla

After being diagnosed with melanoma, Kyla crossed the bridge yesterday.  Please send her family POTP.


 Kim, the mom over at Beaglebratz, continues to have troubles with her eyes. She had a transplant awhile ago and is blind in one eye so having any sort of troubles in the other one is extra very scary! After several ups and downs with her vision, and with her vision actually starting to improve, she once again is fighting a fungal infection in her good eye.  After beginning treatment for the infection it has gotten worse.  Please give her powerful POTP that this infection clears up and her vision is able to continue to improve.


Our pal Rory from Down Under is having troubles with his paw again.  It is badly infected and he has been running a high fever.  Please send him some powerful POTP for clearing up the infection and healing of his paw.


Sasha and her family have been through a lot lately.  After recently losing her daddy, Sasha was taken to get groomed and the stress caused complications with her existing heart condition.  This caused her blood pressure to sky rocket, causing her to faint.  She was unable to sustain the stress of the grooming and taken to the dogtur.  The dogtur was able to give her medicines to stabilize her and she is comfortable at home.  Of course this has caused her family even more worry and concern.  Please send your POTP to Sasha and her family as they continue to go through the holidays with the loss of her daddy still so fresh and with the added concerns of Sasha's health.


Macey is the granddaughter of The Three Little Pugs and has been undergoing lots of testing to diagnose her problem with bad swelling in her legs.  The doctors are finally starting to sort the problem out but POTP is still needed for a complete diagnosis and recovery.

Update by family on 12-19-14:  Macey is going back to children's hospital after the first of the year to see where to go from here, the dr. are saying they are hoping time will take the swelling down but it has been four months, as far as the kidney and heart damage we do not know if that will go back to normal or not. Thank you for thoughts and prayers...stella rose and family


Bailey is home and spends time in her playpen until her legs are strong enough to carry her.  She still needs lots of POTP to help her continue to heal and recover from her bad fall and fractured skull.


Zeus has been battling health problems involving vomiting but now has been diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia. Please send him POTP to help him get better!