Friday, September 29, 2017

Buddy and ZuZu: OTRB

Two precious pets have crossed over the rainbow bridge at almost the same time.
For that reason I'm posting both on the same page

Buddy Jan's Funny Farm

​Farewell, BUDDY. Loyal friend, walking companion ~ one of the beloved "farmers". Buddy, from Jan's Funny Farm has crossed his Rainbow Bridge after thirteen years. He will be forever missed. Please visit ~ thank you.​

Best ever Buddy
Unconditional love for his family
Dashingly handsome
Yellow furs the color of sunshine

Zuzu from Colehaus Cats

Beautiful ZUZU, of the Colehaus Cats ... as written in their words, "in a beautiful, quiet room, she passed on to run scampery-fast and free at the warm, forever summerlands beyond the Rainbow Bridge, where we will meet again, someday, to snuggle once more, and for ever."
Please stop by with your comforting thoughts for this beautiful girl and the family who loved her so. Thank you.

Zesty purrsonality
Unconditional love for her peeps and siblings
Zeee best Mama cat
Ultimate lap kitty

Monday, September 25, 2017

Continued POTP for Stella Rose

Sweet Stella Rose is in need of more POTP, 
good thoughts and prayers.
After recovering from her bladder surgery 
she has started showing signs of possible disc or neurological issues in her back.

Her mom has been in touch with the dogtor.
Stella Rose will most likely be getting xrays
 to see what might be going on.

You can visit Stella Rose at
and leave some love and support

Phoebe Over the Rainbow Bridge

Phoebe and her loving guardians fought very hard to help 
her recover from Stage 4 Kidney disease.
Phoebe's itty bitty kitty body was so very tired she could not
fight any longer

Purrince's lady love
Happy life
Oh so precious and will be missed
Eternally loved by all 
Beautiful new heavenly angel
Especially sweet to her siblings

With love and understanding 
Madi and Mom

Saturday, September 23, 2017

POTP for Phoebe a brave lady cat

Sweet little Phoebe and family would greatly appreciate your purrs and hugs...

I have stage 4 kidney disease (not sure how I skipped stage 3). My smother and dad are feeding me with a syringe. They have been doing it every few hours for over 24 hours and I haven’t yacked yet. They are hoping I will eat again on my own soon. We are waiting for a compounding pharmacy to mail my phosphorous binder. Have any of you ever tried that? Mom paid extra for overnight delivery, but they took 2 days to get it ready to ship- phooey! I also get fluids at home every other day.
You may leave get well wishes here are at Phoebe's blog

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Zoe: Animal Shelter Vol Life has gone OTRB

From ~ Animal Shelter Volunteer Life ~ last night, our hearts were broken as we said goodbye to our beautiful and beloved Zoe. 

It was an unexpectedly sudden end for a cat who always lived her life with such a spirit of love, celebration and happiness. Please
visit to leave comforting words for Kevin and Tracey. Thank you.

https://animalsheltervolunteer free-sweet-zoe.html

We thank Ann from Zoolatry for this beautiful image of Zoe

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stella Forever has crossed the Bridge her way

Stella's mom sent this message to Ann
This is 

Stunning Stella's story.

I am here to let you know my sweet girl Stella died last Friday. She had not been feeling well for a few days, she moved outside under her favorite tree, then when that didn't seem private enough, she moved under our small back porch. I called to her, but she ignored me, (Thursday night) and sometime Friday morning, she left for the Bridge and her many good friends who were already there.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss her. Our daily lives together were comfy and happy, very routine and when I called her, she came, wagging tail and looking happy. In her short illness, she ignored me completely and concentrated on her end.

As many of you know, I found her at a shelter, telling the tech I wanted a good natured female dog. She told me Stella was good natured when she came in but after living in a cage for 3 months, she just was getting sadder every day (one of those unpopular Black dogs). I took her home with me, and after she got caught up on her running, she was just the best dog I could have imagined.

One of her favorite roles was The Cranky Aunty to all the young pups who came on board (blog or FB). She let them know in no uncertain terms how and when they should be behaving.

She was buried at a friend's farm and I will always miss her.

​Posted by Jo McKnight (former blogger). Please leave comments here, or on Facebook as there is no current blog. Thank you.​

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sami Kitty Korner has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Sami became very sick over the weekend
you may click here to read and leave words of comfort.

POTP for Abby the Lab

Abby used her very very sensitive nose to find some raisin bread hidden way back in the
very dark corners of the cabinet yesterday.  She ate all the bread and most of the packaging.

She was immediately taken to the Vet ER clinic

Click here to read all the details and an update from late Sunday

Sunday, September 3, 2017

POTP for Kinley Westie's Grandpa

 Kinley Westie's Grandpa, Dad to Finley & Brinley
 is in great need of POTP

 He has been diagnosed with a colloid cyst on his brain 
and will require surgery

You can read more at Kinley's blog 

and at 

 The Harris family would appreciate any prayers, POTP, good thoughts and vibes.