Thursday, December 31, 2015


Please send POTP to our friend Val and her family as they mourn the loss of Schatzie who crossed the bridge this morning.  Their blog is HERE.

POTP for Ginger

Sweet Ginger

...sis to Matilda and Matt and Matriarch at 
The Bell Fur Zoo is not well...her mom and family are all very worried.
Click here to get to their blog

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mr. Bailey needs some purrs

Mom and I just heard that Mr Bailey has not been well due to a horrible infection in his cheek
Below is copied from his mom's email.
 "We noticed Monday that he had a marble sized lump under his left eye.  It was hard and the vet thought it was a growth or cyst and to keep an eye on it. By Wednesday morning the side of his face was swollen. Back to see the head vet and she said it had to be some bad teeth.  The vet sent us home with antibiotics.   His face continued to swell and get angry red. We started hot packing it several times a day and yesterday it finally started to drain.
Poor guy, we had to get a soft cone cause he wants to rub it on everything.  We finally got a better nights sleep last night, and he is resting much better today.
His appetite never wavered though!"

Tomorrow he goes in  to have the teeth removed please keep him and his peeps in your purrs tomorrow.

Also below this post please note the post about Mr. Bailey's cousin dog Rayne who passed unexpectedly on  Christmas Eve

RIP Sweet Baby Rayne

Dear Friends

It was only a short time ago that 
 -two pups who live with the Idaho PugRanch granddaughter- 
 started their own blog - happy to join Blogville

We are so so saddened to tell you that baby Rayne 
went to the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas Eve 
and left her Mom with a broken heart

You may read a post for Rayne at 

and visit her Mom and brother Tucker

We know they would appreciate your love and support

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Family of Wally & Sammy

Some Blogville friends could use some special POTP. After recently losing Stuart they received more heart ache. Sweet William reports:  Wally and Sammy  got some devastating news confirmed last week that their Oumie has stage 4 lung cancer with no chance of it being cured.

At best the chemo will contain the cancer for the next 12 - 15 months. Which they don't know if they will even try.  Robyn who writes for Sammy and Wally sure could use some warm hugs and prayers for her mother at this time from all of us.

Oumie always reads the blog and comments herself sometimes. So could you please put them on the pray list. And maybe we all could give them lots of love.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Run Free Sweet Ruby From Rottrover

Sweet Ruby at  rottrover
This is from their blog,

Ruby went to the Bridge on Friday.  She had been living with her mega esophagus since March and it was only getting worse.  She was keeping almost no food down, and had lost at least 25 pounds.  There is no cure for this condition in which the esophagus stretches out and no longer pushes the food into the stomach.  We tried many medicines and combinations of medicines, but nothing really helped.  

Please go over and give love and comfort to her family and read about Ruby.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sam at Jan's Funny Farm

Our pal Sam over at Jan's Funny Farm has real troubles.  He could sure use some POTP from everybody in Blogville.  They think he might have had a stroke and aren't sure what functions he will or won't recover.  Please pop over to their place and get the details cuz he's having serious troubles and as you can imagine Jan is torn to pieces seeing him struggle.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Dear Friends,

I've read at Stuarts blog that the brave little scottie  decided to go to the rainbow bridge.
Stuart was my first friend in Blogville, so I know him from the begin.... and he was a special friend who has a place forever in my heart ....

Maybe you can do what Stuarts people wrote in their post:
"Tonight around 6:00 please give your furry or feathered loved ones a pad on the head and a kiss on the nose. And say a big ARRRROOO for Stiuart"

We will do that Stuart.... and we will say a big last Arrrrooo.... and I know how the sky looks tonight:

To Stuarts Blog:

Friday, December 11, 2015

POTP: Gibson from 5 Sibes

Good Morning friends. Sarge has requested POTP post for Gibson from Five Sibes


He is at the vet's office fighting a high fever and bacterial infection. Click here
for their latest post has all of the details. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

POTP for Cookie's Mom

Sweet Cookie is requesting POTP for her mom 
Jeannette....Mom received an email from Da Weenie's Mom Linda
we have included it below...
Please leave some comforting words here or click on the link to 
Cookie's Comments blog

Linda, Da Weenies Mom, received a call from  Jeannette from Cookie's Comments.   Jeannette was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday because of severe knee pain.  The doctors decided it was serious enough to keep her hospitalized for the time being.  A friend is taking care of her animals for her.  If possible, can she be mentioned on the POTP blog?  She is so very worried right now (not so much for herself, but for her pets) and prayers will help, I'm sure.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

POTP request from 3 Little Pugs

Gussie, Stella Rose and Maggie Mae and Mom Deb  are requesting extra POTP for their sweet Grandma who is fighting the evil cancer.  

They say their Dad is doing so much better and thank us for the POTP

You may click here to read their post

Friday, December 4, 2015


Dear Friends,

today I've read at Daisy's blog that dark clouds of sorrows appeared in HAVACHON HEAVEN again.

Daisy is in surgery for a severely misaligned and swollen disc...
I hope so much that the surgery goes well and that Daisy can go home on sunday like planned.
And I cross my paws and I send POTP that everything heals up like expected...

Please send  POTP to Daisy and her family... and please send good thoughts her way...
to Daisy's blog:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Dear Friends,

Kismet, Kylas parrot, wrote me that


the Golden Retriever puppy, succumbed to mitral valve stenosis. He went into heart failure, went to ER and had four more days. Thankfully he did come home before leaving to RB.  He was only 9 weeks old.

While I read the post about Cary Grant, at angusfala, I couldn't stop my tears... My heart is as heavy as a rock for Cary Grant and his family... and I'll second what they wrote... Good Night Sweet Prince...

To CARY GRANT's site