Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lily Belle & Muffin's Daddy

Lily Belle & Muffin are asking for POTP for thei Daddy.  Today they posted:
Mommy & G-Pa Bob just had to take Daddy to the ER. Daddy woke this morning with an alien protruding from his belly. We think it's a hernia butt Mommy is sticking with the alien story.
We'll keep you posted.
Lily Belle & Muffin

POTP: Otto at Rottrover


The most handsome 

Could you guys please send me some POTP?  Yesterday I began having facial focal seizures.  I'm gonna start a new medicine today and I hope it works.  Focal seizures happen when there's a burst of electrical activity in just one part of my brain - in this case my licker-area.  I don't want them to spread to my whole brain.  That's where your POTP comes in.  I'd really appreciate it.  Mom is very sad.  I know the medicine will help me be my usual happy, bouncy self.  Thanks guys.

you can visit their blog at

Thank you friends near and far for your POTP!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Update: Shelly human sis to Da Weenies of Florida

Below is an email from Linda
Da Weenie's Mom

Hi All....No improvement with Shelly.  Things are still the same.  She still needs transfusions of blood every day but is bleeding internally somewhere.  They can't do an MRI to find out where the blood is going because her kidneys aren't working.  For an MRI, they would have to inject a dye into her system to track it.  Her kidneys would have to work to get rid of the dye.  She still isn't able to talk.  They're feeding her through a tube.

Bailey, 17 years old,  the oldest Member of Da Weenie pack  has been struggling with an intestinal infection.  She has also taken a turn for the worse. She was back in the hospital yesterday with a very high fever.  She still has a bad intestinal infection and the antibiotics haven't helped yet.  She just lays there all the time and doesn't want to move.  If she doesn't improve any by tomorrow, the kindest thing we can do for her is let her rest in peace.  She's had a very good, long life...but it still hurts so much.

That's about all for today.  Thank you for the continued prayers.  Miracles do happen and we need a couple of those right now.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Goodbye Sweet Little Ming


We are sorry to tell you  that our friends at Sketching with Dogs have lost their little buddy Ming to a sudden illness. Ming brought much joy to his momma Lynne. He was a fun little man and we loved hearing about his antics
Please visit and leave some words of support and comfort for his family at Sketching with Dogs

Monday, February 23, 2015

POTP for Marnie

Please go and visit our pal Casey at The Legacy Chronicles. His cousin Marnie had a really bad day and needs our love

This is from Casey's blog

My poor LBR cousin Marnie was attacked yesterday in her own yard! Poor baby. She was out in her own fenced yard for a potty break, and two big neighbor dogs broke in and attacked her. She has a lot of puncture wounds all over her face, including inside her mouth, and one of her ears was shredded. She might lose it. She could really use some strong POTP from everyone.

POTP for Phantom

Phantom over at ♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ is having some issues with lumps and bumps he has on his tail. Phantom is a senior pal and there is limited solutions to his problems because anesthetics would not be good for him. 

This is copied from his blog

Barking about things being big, one of those two nasty cherries on my poor tail has been growing and growing and decided to burst overnight.  I won't show it to you because it is really pretty scary-looking.  Mom is trying to doctor it the best she can until tomorrow when we hope my nice vet pal Dr. B. can work another miracle.  This is one of the big problem ones because there isn't any really good option for removal.  Keep me in your thoughts as I could use all the good vibes there are.

This is from today

 My sweet boy Phantom is just so brave.  Dr. B. wanted to try to use cryotherapy and freeze the tumor that burst to see if he could kill off enough of the tissue to stop the bleeding.  That is the area that you see in the photos above that is bright red.  This doesn't remove the tumor nor does it prevent it from regrowing, but the hope is that we stop the bleeding.  The large mass above that is going to burst soon as well.  He could have helped that one along, but we decided to leave it alone and see if the cryotherapy would work on the smaller one first.  The very top mass is a regrowth of the one that burst about a year ago that is now rapidly regrowing.  Sigh, it never ends.

This handsome boy needs our POTP, crossed paws and prayers.

 Please go visit and send love

Update: Shelly, Da Weenies human sister

Saturday morning her doctor downgraded her condition and she moved from the Intensive Care Unit to the Intermediate Critical Care unit.  She is sometimes responding to questions by nodding her head.

Another doctor has been called in to consult on some concerns with blisters on her mouth, which are making it impossible for her to try to speak.
Her palates continue to be low and she is having transfusions.  More than likely this is caused by internal bleeding. Diagnostic tests to determine where cannot be done just yet because a dye is needed for the tests.  At this point her kidneys cannot properly dispense of the dye.  Linda and John and their family continue to thank everyone for their prayers, emails they have been very uplifting for them to know so many people are praying for their precious Daughter, 

If you would like to leave a message on their blog, here is a link

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Sometimes it's a hard thing to figure out when someone should be added to our POTP page and that is even more so when it is a hooman.  There are privacy issues to consider as well as a person's personal wishes and needs. But this is not a page to advance any particular faith.  It's a page to share love and caring for those we have come to know through our blogging,

Across the pond from (many of) us, in a place known as Soggibottom, there is grief for the loss of a husband, father, and friend.  There are people and pets who have a hole in their hearts.  Please send them some POTP to help fill it.

Soggibottom  and Freya Rose at Catflap Cavalier

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

POTP for Angus - UPDATE

Just updated by Deb:

I called the vet and Gus came out of surgery about an hour ago. She said he did just fine. I don't know anymore about it except she did send his bump away to pathology. I am sure it will be okay. I will be picking him up after 4 today. I am sure hoping there are no stitches which will need a cone, cos I can only imagine Maggie and the cone, with her anxiety. Thank you for all your wishes and prayers.

Original post:

I just read at the blog of the three little pugs, that Officer Angus is on the way to the vet for his surgery. The vet will remove a bad red monster what entered his beautiful pug face.
I hope so much that all goes well. Angus' mom will post an update on his blog when she heard from the vet who will call her after the surgery. Buddy, I'm there with you and I hold your paw...

Please send some POTP for Angus and his furmily...

To Officer Angus' blog :

Monday, February 16, 2015

POTP for Fern

Dear friends,

today Tom, the husband of Fern of animal lover quilt lover posted an update about Fern:
Here is what Tom wrote:
With an update for Fern's many beloved friends and followers. The concussion Fern sustained was accompanied by a whip-lash type injury to her neck and upper back, as well as two broken ribs on the lower right. These injuries covered up the symptoms of a more serious problem, that being a Glioblastoma (GBM), which is a very aggressive fast growing, untreatable and incurable brain cancer. Initially I cut back to half days when we thought it was a concussion, but as she was not recovering, I stayed home full time to see what was going on. I saw symptoms of a larger problem and took her to the local emergency room. She was admitted and initially diagnosed with a tumor. A biopsy was done confirming the GBM. The size and location of the tumor ruled out any temporary treatment, which would have been worse than the disease at that point. I am getting some assistance from the "Big Bend Hospice" while I provide her full time care keeping her at home to give her the best possible quality of life for the duration. She is resting comfortably considering. She has lost almost all her vision, so cards, letters, pictures, etc will do her no good. She sometimes still  has good moments when she can recognize the names of some of her blog buddies when I talk about them.
Fern loved to blog and loved the interaction with the other bloggers and followers, many of who became good friends off the screen as well. Fern put it all out there, what you see is what you get.

As I am not working, a friend of mine has set up a fund to assist in the expenses for taking care of Fern during this time of need. while I do not like to or want to have to ask for your assistance, it is necessary for me to do so, so if you have enjoyed Fern's blog over the years and seen what a wonderful person she is please help any way you can while I take care of my soul mate, best friend, love of my life.
Thank You 

If you can, please help, share or visit her blog to leave some comforting words...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

LADY BUG needs our POTP

Dear friends,
I just read at BICHONPAWZ that Lady Bug needs our purrs and barks...

I copied what her mom wrote and maybe you can leave a comment for Lady Bug on her blog...

"LadyBug is now suffering from another bout of idiopathic trigeminal neuritis.  It seems that people are getting confused between trigeminal neuropathy and trigeminal neuritis.  The former is quite painful.  It does not seem like LadyBug is in pain right now.  She IS confused and does not understand why she cannot control her mouth and jaw.  She also loses feeling in her face and looks quite gaunt."


Let's cross our paws and send POTP to Lady Bug

Friday, February 13, 2015


We rec'd an email update from Da Weenies mom regarding their precious
human Sister Shelly.  She gave us the ok to paste an excerpt from her email.


Shelly is still in very, very critical condition.  No big improvement but at least she's still here.  Her heart rate dropped again yesterday so they changed her medication.  It's holding steady as long as she stays sedated.  She has to have a heart cath to find out what the blockage is and remove it, but she is no where ready to be able to survive a procedure like that now.  So we'll all hoping her condition will improve enough to have the procedure and remove the blockage.  Her kidneys have stopped working along with her gastric system.  They pump the food in but it just sits in her stomach.  She is on a 24-hour kidney dialysis machine. There is concern about lack of circulation her hands and one leg too.   Shelly's husband has been traveling via car
from California.  He arrives in Florida late this afternoon.

Linda and John thank you all for you comments and prayers they have been such a comfort...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

WHN - Agnes

Lily Belle & Muffin posted the following information:

Miss Agnes (aka WHN) from Dachsies with moxie is back in the hospital once again. She just had surgery for a nasty hernia a few weeks ago and now they think it really may be her gall bladder this time. Oh wait.... Breaking news from the hospital directly from WHN..... As of right this very minute...... Test results regarding the function of the gall bladder were not good. Way below normal. WHN is awaiting confirmation from the Vet, we mean Doctor, if they will be operating tomorrow.

So once again, we ask for the POTP for WHN so that they will finally cure the problem and she can get back to living life with Mr. Geoff and the Dachsies with Moxie pack once again.

I know we all have a lot of love to spread around, so keep all our furends that need the POTP in our prayers too ~ especially Miss Shelly (aka Linda's daughter) from the blog of Amber & Max DaWeenie.



Furiends, could you do me a favor? Everything is totally fine with me, but if you could send a little POTP my way it would sure make my momma feel better. Remember I told you about that weird lump I had a few weeks ago when my cousin Frankie and I had a little spat? Well, it's still there. Momma says she's noticed some changes in me over the past month or so too, like not wanting to jump up on furniture like usual and being a little cranky with Frankie, that kind of thing. I told her she's overreacting, but she's afraid there's something wrong with me that might be the cause of all of this.

Soooooo I'm going to the dogtor tomorrow for a little checkup just to make her feel better. I can put up with getting a little blood drawn if it helps my momma. So could you please send a few good thoughts our way so Momma doesn't worry her way into an early grave? Thanks!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Florida Mom, regarding Shelly's current condition.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Their blog address is

 "Last night we were told the brain scan showed she had a massive stroke and probably wouldn't make it through the night. But she was trying to  move this morning so they're going to re-run some of the tests. She is still critical and we've been told to have the rest of the family come down from Michigan  for either support or.............
I've had so many wonderful comments  and prayers offered so if you don't mind,can you post an update and ask that the prayers keep coming.  They might just be working. 
Again thank you .
All my love. .."

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Update for Gussie & Family

As you know, Gussie has a growth on his mouth.  Despite treatment, a couple more spots have shown up.  He's headed back to the dogtur and probably going to have them removed.  This is very stressful for his mom so cross your paws that it will not be anything bad and that his mom is not too stressed.
***UPDATE*** Gussie is scheduled to have the growth(s) removed and analyzed next Wednesday Feb 18. 

Little Macey continues to see doctors in hopes of getting a solid diagnosis so she can get the correct treatment for her troubles.

Gussie's grandma (Deb's mom) continues in her treatment and they are trying to determine what the best way is to treat her cancer.  The good news is that it appears to not have gotten into her lymph nodes!  Deb is the one who takes her to her appointments and it seems that everything is at least a 2 hour drive.

Deb has her own health issues she is dealing with in the midst of trying to care for everyone else.  Please cross your paws that she makes herself a priority and has the strength to meet the needs of her loved ones!

POTP for two Loving Humans




Askin fur some POTP fur me human sissy...SHELLY

Last night da bambulance came and tooks her away to da hopital.  Her is in ICU in serious condition wit anudder very bad Lupee flare up.


Noreen Taylor (Lifes Blessings blog, human mom to Hunter) having major  
surgery, please share the power of the paw for Noreen.

We thank Ann from Zoolatry for these two requests
Thank you

Friday, February 6, 2015

Easy's Mom


A Note from Easy

my mom had an accident on icy parking lot and the emergeny brought her to the hospital. my dad just called the hospital and got informed that my mom is being operated right now, she slipped on an icy parking lot while helping an elderly lady and has her left elbow badly broken and now they have to operate and put screws in to hold everything together. I hope everything will work out fine but she is scared to maybe have a stiff elbow afterwards. I hope (and so does my dad) that this will not happen and I pray to god to help my dear mommy. So if I want blog thee next days it is because I have to take care of my mommy.

Let us send some POTP for Easy's Mom so she can get better and get back home!

Monday, February 2, 2015


Our furend Braeden was diagnosed with pancreatitis and is in the hospital.  His blog gives details and his mom is waiting for an update from the dogtur.  They are asking for POTP to help get him healed!