Monday, January 24, 2022

Aila from Catio Tales Forever

Ann what a beautiful image.

 To quote her mom...she has gone on to join those who came before her.

Run Free pretty girl

Hugs Cecilia

Click HERE to read her blog

If anyone reading this knows Aila's email, would you please forward this beautiful image to her family

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Twilight and Sushi: Condolences for the loss of one of your humans

Ann and I (Cecilia)  Were new to this blog, so did not know the kitties well,
nor the "humans" behind the story well either. I can only, and very sadly, refer to
them as referred to on the blog ... as the "can opener" and the "back up can opener".
Charming words for the blog ... but I am feeling not so appropriate for what I am
now writing and sharing .. so forgive me please ...

Once admitted to hospital, the "back up can opener" took a turn for the worse, and
as each day passed, nothing seemed to improve. On January 14, 2022 he passed
away. We know the can opener is devastated, she has not yet posted, although in a
series of comments did share this sad news.

There is no new post at this time but you may visit their blog here

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Goodness Gracie OTRB

Goodness Gracie or Gabby Gracie, she was both and more! Playful and silly,
sweet and loving. And all over the cat world on her own bloggie and well
loved by the Tabby Cat Club. As she herself said, way back in 2012, "I picked
my family and they never saw it coming!" They were so happy to have
her all these years, yet now so sad to say farewell ... will you visit please
with words of comfort on the loss of this special little girl, thank you.

In August 2015 Madi and many of her Cat Scout friends went on a Flat Cat Tour
Below I have copied their visit to Manor Madi

Flat Scout Friday....

Friends OMCs I'm racking up the First Class mail miles.
A few weeks ago I hoped in an envelope to head up to 
See Gracie in Indiana.  It was late when I arrived,
so both hibernated in this most wonderful bed for some
 shut eye...Then all of a sudden we heard something...
 We both woke hungry as bears...but never fear Gracie 
is the hostess with the mostest, she had treats.

Afterwards Gracie and I jumped in another envelope to head
down to see Raz, Allie and Ellie
I rec'd some smell(y) mail on Monday August 17, 2015...
Flat Madi and 5 of her besties, Allie,Anya, Gracie, Raz and 
Sammy arrived straight from the beaches of Florida...
Let me just tell you 5 Flats in one envelope was crowed

Sammy and Raz were the ultimate gentlemen letting the ladies GO first

You know when 3 girlz head to the potty together it is no
telling how long they will be.The boyz had to cross their legs, 
eyes, toes and who knows what else while the waited for the
girlz to come

We all had a quick snack 

They all joined Real Madi on her favorite bed...
good thing it is a queen size mattress

Mom snapped a group photo of us playing Funniest hat game
Then she packed up the flats in their individual suitcases
to send them home....

Gracie and all the Scouts were always so much fun...
I hope this flashback brought a little smile to your faces in the midst 
of the loss.

Goodness Gracious Gracie
Really soft furs
Always ready to part-ee
Cat Scout
Everlasting paw print on our hearts

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Dachshund Max from da Weenies OTRB


MAX, Forever ~ and little doxie Amber, who crossed her Rainbow Bridge in January of2020 are now reunited. Together, they were the foundation of DaWeenies of Floridasince their introduction as teenie-weenies in 2004. Yet always sharing their days and their home with dozens of other pups, those adopted by Mom Linda. All the older ones, the ailing ones whose special needs cried out for love and a place to live out theirfinal days. Ever the caregiver, they all found that special home with Linda. And now
she has said farewell to Max, the original ... please visit with paws of comfort HERE 

In 2013, Angel Madi asked Max and Amber, aka Teenie Weenies to be her Commissioners of Games because these two friends were.

 Prince and Princess of Fun.

Madi sent them a few questions to answer to introduce themselves.  

Below I have copied some of their answers they always made me laugh.



Hi...We will answer the questions right from this email. 
will enlist the help of my brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) 
to serve as Game Commissioner of Blogville so he will
answer the questions too.  My answers will be in PURPLE
 for girls
 and Max will answer in BLUE for boys!

1. Please introduce yourself(selves), tell us your 
age and a very special trait.
A.  My name is AMBER and I'm 9 1/2 years young.  My Dad 
calls me SCOOTER because when I was just a wee pup, 
I loved to scoot around on my butt.  
The name stuck to me like glue.  I only had an itchy butt, Dad!  
What would you do?
Max: My name is MAX and since
I was Amber's littermate,
I guess I'm 9 1/2 years young too.  Dad calls me
MUTANT just because I have one blue eye and
one brown eye and lots of light tan blotches running 
through my brown furs.  Really, Dad!  Get a life!

2.If you had and alter ego, who would you like to be 
and why
Amber.  I would probably like to be the spokesdog 
for a mattress company because taking naps
 is my favorite thing to do.
Max:  I would like to be a famous warrior and 
protector of my domain.  I would be in charge
of trapping and disposing of every lizard, frog,
 and squirrel that dares to venture into my space

3.If you could give one piece of random advice what would
it be?
A.  Unless they's stealing your stuff, never try
and bite a stranger.  They may have some nice 
treats in their pocket  for you.
B.  Never furget the butts you've sniffed.  
They'll be your furiends fur life!

4. What is the first thing you notice about a new furiend
A.  I look to see if they're SMILING at me or if they 
look like they're going to eat me.
Then I either SMILE back or run like heck!
B.  Their butt...and if it's low enough to the ground
 for me to sniff.  Or if I need a ladder!

5.What is your absolute favorite food
A.  ANYTHING that's edible that I can fit into 
my teenie weenie mouth is my favorite right 
at that moment.  I'm not picky about anything, 
BUTT sneaking something off Mom's plate
when she isn't looking is by far the best!  
One of my MOST favorite things to eat is....LETTUCE!
B.  Kind of agree with Sissy here!  If it's FOOD, 
then it's my FAVORITE.  BUTT if given a choice 
between FOOD and TREATS, I'll pick the TREATS
every time.  Any kind of TREATS.

Bonus: Amber and are both vertically challenged
BUTT we all know your Doxie-tude rules the homestead
with an firm paw.  Please tell us who in the pack is the
most difficult to control and how you discipline 
A.  Mom thinks that SHE's the Leader of the Pack, 
butt the pack knows that it's really ME who is the Leader. 
 And my secret is...THE LOOK!  If a pack member is getting 
OUT of LINE,I just give them THE LOOK!  They most definitely
 understand the AMBER LOOK.  Pack member, Jennie,
 tried to avoid THE LOOK once.....she'll NEVER do that again!
B.  I'm such a laid back kind of guy.  I just lay back 
and watch Sissy give everyone THE LOOK. 
That way I don't have to do a single thing.  BOL

Mama's boy
Amber's other half
Xtra loving brudder to all his Pack

Run Free Max...I'm 187% sure Angels Amber and Madi were 
jumping and maybe twerking when you arrived OTRB.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

POTP for Misty's surgery


Please put paws together for our sweet Woos girl, Misty. She's had a cyst
just above her tail and in the last week it burst, causing more complications.
She is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, which will now be more difficult,
so purrs and prayers are needed for her please.