Monday, October 24, 2016

Sammy the Dog from Florida

Our Friend Ann from Zoolatry sent the below information to us about her friend's dog
Sammy's passing.  Ann will have a memorial post up on Monday, October 24.
Look at those beautiful eyes!!

Over the Rainbow Bridge ~ Sweet Sammy, of Ocala, FL ... this dear boy is a good friend to the Zoolatry family.  His family does not blog, however we have posted today in his memory, and on their behalf ... so any comments may be left at ZOOLATRY, and we Thank You.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mary Ann

Blogville Friends, we need to surround one of our own with healing thoughts and prayers of comfort, strength and peace.  Our friend Mary Ann over at Calamity Acres, lost her husband this morning.  He had been ill for some time but until recently they hoped that he would find healing during his time on earth.  Please help lift her up as she moves forward during this time.

Mary Ann with Jes on right

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


... our big friend from Down Under had to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

My tears are running and my heart is as heavy as a rock again.... and my thoughts are with Rory's family...

To Rory's and Stella's Blog:

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ciara Bear....has passed

As many of you know Ciara, from The Chronicle of Woos,
 has been plagued with the evil Seizure Monster for 3 years.
This past week was horrible for her....she lost her battle after multiple seizures this week.

Click here to visit Lightning and Kathie

12/10/2009 - 10/6/2016

Incredibly beautiful
Always loved
Run free and may gentle breezes ruffle your furs

Hugs and love from Madi and Mom

Monday, October 3, 2016

POTP for Eko's family

Today a sad post appeared in the readers of many friends....
It was a post from Will, what said that Eko, the Rhodesian Ridgeback from markingourterritory suddenly had to go to the rainbow bridge last weekend.
Eko was a part of our lives and although he was not "my" or "our" pup it hurts as if we lost a member of our  family...
I sit here and wait for words but all words are gone .... there is no room for words with all our tears...
I send a big hug to Emily and Will and Penny ...
to Eko's blog: