Thursday, May 23, 2019


Dear friends....

today is the day we all feared .... Da Beebs  of Poupounette Central  sadly will join our rainbow bridge friends...
.... I have no idea what I could write, there are just tears... for  Bibi and for Virginia... why it ends always with so much tears, grief and broken hearts...

We will keep you in our hearts Bibi ... forever... and ever...

To live in hearts we leave behind
is not to die ...

-Thomas Campbell-

to Bibi's Blog:

Monday, May 20, 2019

POTP for Ann's hip surgery today

Zoolatry human, Ann, is having hip surgery today.
She would greatly appreciate your purrs, barks, tweets and payers

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Remembering our Friends who went OTRB in May

Please click below to leave some loving words for the families of 
these friends.

Summer from Peggy's Place OTRB

2001 ~ 2018
Summer, she could not have had a better name. A sunny disposition, soft as a summertime breeze. A constant purr
engine, always good to her fur-siblings, and her calming, quiet Mom's best bed buddy. Summer, a love in the kitty family at PEGGY'S PLACE, and many of you remember dear Peggy for her beautiful "Peggy Blankies", and many of you have them! Peggy no longer is an active blogger ~ and we also want to mention that she is a special angel, in that she was the "other Mother" to Maggy from Zoolatry, who also recently crossed the bridge. Please leave words of comfort for Peggy ... and the wonderfulkitty family of Abby, Bob, Isis, Jeannie, Romeo and Sophie.
You may leave comments for Miss Peggy and family at this link.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Crockett and Appie OTRB

Dear friends
a very sad accident happened at the Lonestarcats and our hearts are so heavy to share the sad news about Crockett who left us yesterday...
Sometimes things happen what are so unfair and mean... and our tears are running with the tears of Crockett's family...

Grief doesn't have a plot.
It isn't smooth,
There is no beginning and middle and end.

-Ann Hood-

To crockets blog:

APPIE from Catscue

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Our Friend Ann, maker of the most beautiful POTP badges,
had to say good bye to her heart cat Maggy.  
Here is what Ann wrote:

MAGGY has recently crossed her Rainbow Bridge. Although she has not been with me for several years, I have always missed her, and never ceased to love her so much ... this news has been heart breaking, especially in the sense that I could not be there to caress her one more time.

Click here to visit Ann's blog  she will have a post up sometime this morning

Angel on earth now in heaven
Greatly missed

Ying to Ann's Yang

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Daisy Curly Cat OTRB

Daisy, an icon of the pet blogging world has sadly crossed her rainbow bridge. I am providing a LINK to her blog below, although I do not
know if Abby will be posting or not, the blog has been inactive for some time (it is slow to load at this point). She has spoken of Daisy's crossing on Facebook.