Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gussie, Macey, Grandma, & Mom

It seems like there's no end to the worries over at Officer Gussie's place.  As you may know, the family has been dealing with little Macey's problem with her swollen leg and the doctors inability to determine what it is and how to best treat it.  She started a course of antibiotics so cross your paws that it will work!

Then Gussie came up with some troubles too.  The dogtur is keeping a watch on him and he is taking antibiotics too!  He will take them for 5 days and if he isn't better than the dogtur may have to do some surgicals.  So cross your paws that he gets better and can help his mom cuz she really has her hands full!

Speaking of moms, Gussie's human grandma is having some serious troubles too.  So Gussie's mom is going to be taking her to a specialty center on Monday (a 2 hour drive) to see what they are going to do.  She's no longer young so no matter what they suggest this is probably going to be hard on her.

We can't imagine how Gussie's mom feels with all these worries! She has her own troubles she needs to address too.  So she needs us to surround her with POTP so she has the strength to help all those she loves and then to care for her own needs too.

* Sorry to be so ambiguous about these concerns but we do not have permission to share the specific details and we want to honor the privacy of our furends.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Prayers and words of sympathy for Millie's and Walter's Granddad

Yesterday Walter's and Millies mom had to write a very sad post. Their beloved Granddad passed away. While reading this post my tears where running and I can imagine how hard it was for the mom of Millie and Walter to write this post....
She found wonderful words for her dad and maybe you can visit their blog

to leave some comforting words for Millie's and Walter's family...


Sammy wrote me a message and this time I'm glad I can share really good news with you:

"Happy to report that Raz's Dad's bypass surgery went very well and in fact they have had him UP and walking in the hall today already!  They think he MIGHT get to come home on Monday.  All the POTP was so welcome and needed and of course if worked which is the BEST thing of all.  I know Raz, Allie and the entire family appreciate all of you sending them messages of support."   
Isn't that great? The POTP  worked and I hope so much that they all can be together on Monday....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bouncing Bertie's Granny

Our furend Bertie and his mom Gail have been at his human Granny's house for a bit now.  He is trying to be of comfort as Gail helps his granny.  She was diagnosed with Parkinson's but apparently that diagnosis is in question.

Things have taken a turn for the worse and the ambulance was called to take his granny to the hospital.  As you can imagine, this is a very stressful and difficult time for Gail and Bertie and they need the support of the whole Blogville community to give them the strength to take care of the things that must be taken care of when aging parents struggle with health and aging issues.  And of course his granny needs POTP too.  You know the old saying (Bette Davis) "Growing old ain't for sissies".

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

RAZ'S DAD UPDATE 1/28/15 3:55 PM

From Sammy's Mom Just heard from Sharon - Bill's bypass has been completed and they're "closing up".............he'll be in recovery for a while.  They hope he will be home early next week!!


I just had another message from RAZ'S MOM,  Sharon (just now - that they just wheeled BILL, RAZ'S DAD into surgery FOR HIS BYPASS SURGERY................keep the prayers coming.



I just visited the blog of Casey and Cinderella and there I read that ABBY, the pup of her Auntie Amanda is sick. Abby is an older lady and the vet said she has a bad UTI. Unfortunately the meds will not work as they hoped and Abby feels really bad.
It would be great to send  POTP for Abby and to keep her in our thoughts.... even crossed paws and prayers could help...

to Cinderellas and Caseys blog:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

**UPDATE** for Raz's Daddy

Update on our Dad
The stent from July has almost completely clogged up again. They said that 
often happens in this area and that they could stent again but it would 
probably do the same thing. He is
scheduled for a bypass on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on how 
quickly the Plavix gets out of his system. The bypass is an “off pump” one 
which is somewhat easier than the other kind and
the surgeon said that should be a fix for life for it. He said everything 
else looked good and that his heart is healthy and strong.

Please keep Dad in your purrs, woofs and prayers

Raz and The Florida Furkids

The Florida Furkids |

Friends FurEver

Sunday, January 25, 2015

POTP for Raz's Daddy

I just heard from my buddy Sammy, that Raz's daddy got chest pains on friday  and has to stay in hospital now. Tomorrow the dogtors of that hospital will do a catheterization and it would be great if we all could cross our paws for him and if we could send POTP and purrs and barks ....
To visit the blog of Raz and his fursiblings:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Emergency for Agnes!

Many of you know our good friend "WHN" (aka Agnes) from the Dachsies with Moxie. She is currently in the Emergency Room about to undergo EMERGENCY surgery TONIGHT!

It appears that she has a nasty hernia that needs to be taken care of immediately. She said she is in a lot of pain and the pain med's are not helping. She has been texting Mommy for the past few hours with updates.

Time to gather around Blogville residents and get the POTP going for Agnes. We know that her pack at home and Mr. Geoff are quite worried about her (as are we.)

Thank you!


Lily Belle

Agnes will be OK Mom, don't worry. We've
got the POTP up and going for her!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Please send POTP to Toby

I just read the post of Stuart the Scottie...
he wrote that his pal Toby has a vet appointment today, where the vet tries to remove the big bad C.
Sadly the vet doesn't know what kind or type of that bad big C it is ...
Please cross your paws and send some healing power to Toby and his furmily.... The big bad C is cruelty and it knows no mercy.... but maybe together we can be strong and maybe we have the power to chase this darned big C away from Toby.

To Stuarts blog:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Walter and Millie 's Human Granddaddy

Just this morning Mom and I received an email copied below from Ms. Cindy,
Walter and Millie's Mom.  Ms. Cindy's Dad is terminally ill
she asked for Blogville's POTP for her precious Dad and her family.
Thank you.

"I will be absent for a while. I might have time to read blogs (I will help cheer me up to read them) but I'm not sure I will be in the mood to comment or do any posts.

My father is terminally ill. He was admitted to the hospital again yesterday for what we thought was a recurrence of bleeding from diverticulitis (like what happened in September when he spent a week in the hospital). The doctors finally did a CAT scan and found a large inoperable tumor eating away at his upper intestines. The problem is that it is causing him to bleed internally and there is very little they can do to stop the bleeding. He had a procedure to try to stop the bleeding yesterday and was still coming out of the anesthesia late yesterday. As of last night he is in ICU and I'm not sure right now that he has been told what is happening.

My sister is on her way here and I think my brother is too. We have no idea how long he has but it is pretty certain he will not leave the hospital or at the very least might be able to be moved to hospice care."

Please click here to visit Bird Brains and Dog Tales to leave some comforting words for Walter and Millie's family. Human Granddad is one of their biggest fans 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

RIP Norbert

Norbert Nicholas Buglino-Dutcher 

July 2002-January 8 2015

After being diagnosed with probable nasal cancer and despite the best efforts of his family and dogtors Norbert's health continued to rapidly decline.

Today Norbert's pawrents made the most loving decision to say goodbye to their dear boy. 

Please visit Norbert's family at
and leave them some words of comfort
as they deal with his loss

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

POTP to citizens of France

We just heard about the horrific, barbaric 
attack and the deaths at the newspaper in France.



Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rory and our friends in OZ - UPDATE

Today I read at Fozziemum's blog, that the horrible fires in Australia have taken lives of  many animals at a boarding facility.

I also just read at Bella's, Roxy's&Macduis's blog that Rory, Stella and their furmily are in the warning area for the bush fires.

Please let's cross our paws for all the people and pets in the fire area, it's horrible what power such a fire has and let's hope that all will get the chance to escape and that no one has to die  like the pets of the boarding facility...

Update:  We are waiting today for a cool change with rain. Not much rain for today but over the next few days, we expect more.
Ah, lovely rain. Keep ya paws crossed for the rain. There have been
approx 38 homes lost, no human life lost but sadly many native animals,
stock and pets. We hope they are all at the Rainbow Bridge catching up
with all their furriends. Thanks for all your support. We love you all
heaps. Let's say it real loud.....NO WORRIES, and Love, Stella and Rory X X

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goose - Updated

As Bette Davis said, "Old age isn't for sissies."

Our furend Goose, and his mom, need our continued POTP.  Goose isn't ill but he is showing the effects of his age and is on a continued journey of decline.  He will be 15 years old next month!  He is still a happy boy but it is getting increasingly difficult for him to move around.  His Facebook pals know that he had to stop going for walks but the reality is that he is even having troubles moving around at home.  Michelle described it as heartbreaking to witness his struggles.

So although our pal "appears" to be doing well in the photos (Michelle says he does fine as long as he is sitting or laying) the reality is that he and his mom need lots of POTP as they journey hand-in-paw through this every difficult stage.


Norbert is twelve and a half years old and was just diagnosed with (probable) nasal cancer.  His pawrents are trying to come to terms with this and the dogtur is trying some (rather expensive) meds to see if that will help. Right now it appears that he continues to be happy and is not in pain. Please send him and his pawrents POTP as they deal with this and make decisions for his best care.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Ruby spent New Years Eve at the dogtur after her mom found a growth on her ear.  She describes it as being swollen, like a squeaker.  The dogtur said it appeared to be a hematoma and gave her prednisone in hopes that will take care of the problem, otherwise, surgery could required.  Please send Ruby POTP that the medicine will be effective and surgery will not be required.