Sunday, February 28, 2021

Spitty Kitty OTRB

Here is a link to their blog

Mary mom to Spitty says

Said she had posted on Cats with Blogs and on my own FB page. I haven't done a blog post yet--I will probably need a little time to think about what I want to say there.

This was a hard loss, but everyone's kindness and concern has softened the blow. He really was a character, and I will miss him very much. But as I said in the FB posts, I won't be cat-less for very long--there are so many that need a good home & I know Spitty would approve.

XOXO, Mary

Charles from 3 Kats and a Kwilter OTRB

Please visit their blog at the link below

Friday, February 26, 2021

POTP for Trout Towne Tabbies Grandma aka Dai$y's Mom

 Dear Friends...
I missed the Wednesday edition of the Trout Towne Tabbies, as I'm sure many of you did also.
I sent the Food Service Girl an email inquiring as to how things are going.
Ms. L, aka Food Service Girl, replied that her Mom, Dai$y's mom 
slipped on the ice outside her home on Monday.  She hit her head when she fell.
Thankfully she was spotted sitting on the sidewalk injured.
Quick and appropriate action was taken calling FSG and EMS.
She had lots of tests and several CT scans.
She has a fractured skull....what a scary time for FSG and her Mom.
She will be in a rehab facility thru at least Monday where she can be monitored.
FSG is pretty busy looking after her dudes and Dai$y so I don't expect there will be anything on their blog.  Please leave your thoughts and prayers here.  I will be sure FSG gets this link.
I THANK ANN for this beautiful badge of St. Francis Patron Saint of Critters

Thank you Cecilia

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Dear Josie sweet precious kitty.

May you have unlimited sun puddles and gentle warm breezes FURever

Hugs Cecilia 

You may click here to visit her Blog

Paws together for Speedy's....speedy recovery

Please put gentle paws together for our special friend ~

Speedy has had surgery on his soft paw, it will be a long road of recovery! He is
a friend to many, but now needs our support ... his hip-and-hop just will not be
very hippity-hoppity for quite awhile and that's not how it's supposed to be for
He's such a good boy tho ~ he came through his surgery well, and we all give
him many paws up for his bravery! And your caring words will help his family
too, so thank you for taking time to visit ... just hop over to the link below!