Friday, May 27, 2022

Gracie: Growing old with Gracie OTRB


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My thoughts about Gracie are expressed using the letters of her name.
Girly Girl
Ready to be your friend always
Cute, button nose
Incredibly kind
Eyes that could melt your heart

Monday, May 23, 2022

Farewell to Shoko and Tyebe's Blog

 Since October of 2013, many of us have been amused, delighted and charmed by Shoko and Tyebe ... by Angels Budd and Kali on the blog The Canadian Cats.

Photos and cartoons and wit ~ recipes to fill up the tumtum with yumyum!
It was not news to know that during the past year, Jean had battled various
health issues, and had only posted on her blog intermittently, but sadly the
news came from her husband Bill today that she has suffered a stroke, and
The Canadian Cats have bid farewell to blogging.  Jean will be missed, as
will Shoko and Tyebe ~ and so we sign off with wishes of good thoughts and
love to both of them for the days ahead, many blessings.  And as Jean always said,
"remember, the path to heaven passes through a teapot."
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Arson and Bart...OTRB

Two kitties crossed their bridge recently, both from Clarissa's House of Cats, she
did not post about them until just this past week ~ 

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Rainbow Friends for April


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Rezki OTRB

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Rezki what beautiful green eyes and shiny black fur...
may you have gentle breezes ruffling your furs furever

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

POTP for Emmy


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Everyone's friend

Mom Ellen 

Most beautiful Tuxie lady

Your friends are purring very hard for you

Love and hugs Cecilia

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Cinnamon needs our POTP

 K9 brother from Cats-astrophic events
Cinnamon is home recovering from surgery click below to visit

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Paula mom to Brulee and Truffle OTRB

Paula lost a brief and difficult battle against pancreatic cancer yesterday, May 2, 2022
having only received the diagnosis a few weeks ago.

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recious friend to all 
mazing Mom to Brulee and Truffle
will be remembered for your devotion
oving daughter
A radiant smile