Thursday, September 27, 2018

Rusty from Jan's Farm

I was so very sorry to read that Rusty made his trip OTRB...
I know he was greeted by his family members who there too

This morning, Jan sadly wrote ~ "our sweet, gentle giant Rusty (Russet) left us early Wednesday morning. He had been "winding down" for some time so it was not unexpected, but we are heartbroken. He was a big cuddle boy and loved to snuggle." 

Please stop by Jan's Funny Farm with your words of comfort, thank you.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Run Free...dear Muffin

It is with great sadness we have learned that Muffin   
ran off to the Bridge today.  I'm pretty sure Madi was still lollygagging outside the
pearly gates and was able to escort Muffin. 
Muffin and Madi and Lily Belle had some fun times early in their blogging life..
Click here to visit Muffin's blog
Hugs Cecilia Proud to be Mom of Madi


Dear Friends,
one of our bestest friends sadly had to go....

"When grief is depest words are fewest"
- Ann Voskamp-
 Madis mom  wrote a wonderful and sweet poem, so please hop over to read what wonderful words she found for her beloved Diva.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018


Dear Friends,

with the heaviest heart we say Good Bye to Bert. Many will remember the fabulous Golden Boy, best friend of Goose and best friend to all who loved him so much...

Hugs to  Vicky and to Michelle, sorry,  there are too much tears to find the right words...

Tears are prayers too.
They travel to god
when we can't speak.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

POTP please for YAM-Aunty

We just had an email from her.

This is a picture of Mom (on the left) YAM-Aunty on the right
taken at the B.A.R. 2016
Pasted below:

hari om
cecilia - just had a fall and landed badly on my wrist it is a funny shape and excess pain. have taken aspirin and am keeping it braced against my chest/// it is getting late here (she is in Scotland) and i dont want to call ambulance... POTP PLEASE

We sure do hope it isn't broken....

Click here to leave her some comforting words

Bionic Basil Says Farewell......

Dear Sweet Basil has been battling the HORRIBLE Cancer
like a warrior.  We are sad to learn in spite of his fighting spirit Cancer won the earthly battle

Basil says goodbye today to all of us HIS WAY!!
Please click here to visit his blog