Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Purrince needs our support

Dear friends,

I've got a mail from Sherri-Ellen, the mom of Purrince Sidhartha Henry. Sadly Henry isn't responding to the homeopathic treatment and he has to see the vet on thursday. It's so sad that his mom has to go through all that fears and sorrows again after she lost her beloved Nylablue...

Hello dear friends: As some of you know Siddhartha Henry is not responding to Homeopathic treatment & he is going to the Vet's Thursday. Taking stool sample (or diarrhea sample depending what comes out) & havin it tested for everything. I have done a load of research & it turns out that Panleukopenia can damage bowels permanently. If this is what is happening or something else as bad then I have a hard decison to make. From what I pieced together the FVRCP injection which is a live virus given acted on his body like the actual illness did as a kitten. So in my attempt to protect him I have made him sick...I am sick with worry & so upset. I will not be visiting blogs for a while & wanted to let all of you know what is happening. I do not have some email addys' so if you could just mention on your blogs that Siddhartha Henry is unwell I would appreciate it. People can leave comments on our recent Sunday Selfie blog. Thank you for all your support, love & prayers. Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated too.
LUV, peace & meew-ohmmss
Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha Henry
Please send  POTP and good thoughts to Canada, Sherri-Ellen and Henry really need it....
To Henry's blog:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cookie Update



Cookie's mum here:

I just got a call from Cookie's vet -- Cookie definitely has Valley Fever in the bone -- which is better than a tumor, but very expensive.

Could someone please help to to set up a Go Fund Me to help me cover the costs for the medication and vet bills.  I would really appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks all from me and Cookie.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cookie and his Mum Need POTP and Love

 I copied this from Cookies blog

Please go visit Cookie's Comments and send them lots of love


Mum and Me are both on Sick List

I am on medication that is making me sleepy so I will let mum tell you about it.

Cookie's Mum here:

I had surgery on my eyelids yesterday.  It is a residual from the eye injury I had back in December 2013.  It is not very painful -- just uncomfortable.  I could not close my eyes properly last night, but now I am able to!!  But I have two black eyes, and it looks horrible!!

Anyway, Cookie has been limping a bit from time to time, but yesterday she was limping more and this morning could barely put her paw down.  I took her to the vet, and $550 later, we STILL are not sure what is wrong.  The vet took x-rays and said it is her left shoulder, and she is not sure if it is valley fever (which is very prevalent here in Arizona) or a tumor.  She took a blood sample and gave Cookie Rymadil and Tramidol!! Cookie's prescriptions cost more than the ones I had to get this morning.  If I had had a car, I would have gone to my pharmacy, but it was too far for Cookie to walk.  The vet is just around the corner.  *sigh* now I have MORE expenses!!!

I will keep you posted, but please POTP for her.


ttfn and toodle pip

Monday, October 12, 2015

Deb & Butch - Three Little Pugs

Monday's News from Deb:   "Friday between his blocked bowel and pneumonia it was a challenging day, but Saturday was a better day for him.  Late Sat. night he was finally able to eat a small bowl of mashed potatoes. He was so happy, yesterday was not as good but I think we will have days like that.  If all his xrays show improvement they may move him down to Keosauqua hospital which is much closer to home, just a few blocks.  I am wore out from all the driving and sitting but we are making it through.  Please thank everyone for their prayers for our family they are sure working!!"

Once again, the friendships and support from Blogville are making a difference.  

Saturday, October 10, 2015

POTP: Furry friends and their families: Sarah, Chico and 3 little Pugs

1.  Da Weenies of Florida and their peeps are so very sad to report on October 9th.

We had to say goodbye to Sarah about an hour ago. She was able to fight off the pancreatitis but then her liver failed. It was nearly a 100% failure and the vet felt there was nothing we could do because of her age. So I had to give her the last gift of being pain free again. She is with her mother, Bailey, again. Thank you for the prayers.
Sarah is pictured below giving her little Sister Amber a bath.
Run Free Sarah

Sarah's mom, Ms. Linda, is still struggling with some complications  after cataract surgery. Working on the computer
is very difficult. She hopes to
put up a tribute to Sarah soon.


2. POTP blog received a request via our Contact form

I just found out that my little Chico has cancer. 
 He needs all the power  
of the paws that he can get, please and thank you!

the address must be missing some information.  The link doesn't work.
You can leave some purrs on the email 

the link should work now

sprinkles | everythingisbetterwithsprinkles1@hotmail.com

3. As of this writing, we do not have any updates on 
Three Little Pugs ,Dad Butch.

As we receive updates we will add them.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Deb From Three Little Pugs - Update (Friday Evening)

Please send POTP to Deb from the Three Little Pugs.  Her husband was rushed (via ambulance) to the hospital after being injured at work.  He is in stable condition and no other information is available at this time. She needs prayers to give her the confidence to drive in the dark to the hospital as well as prayers for healing for Butch.  Deb and her family have been through a lot lately and it will help her to know Blogville has her back!

UPDATE:  This is a serious injury.  Butch's back is broken in 2 places.  They had a bad night and are waiting on specialists.

UPDATE:  Butch is in a back brace, no surgery right now...but a lot of therapy. They removed the neck brace.  Deb is exhausted as you can well imagine.  It is a 2 hour drive from her home to the hospital.  Although we are uncertain about the status of the spinal cord (no information regarding that right now), those of us with no medical background think this sounds encouraging.  

Thursday Evening Update:  The details are still a bit sketchy but apparently there was some sort of apparatus weighing about 650 pounds that was not properly secured and it fell on Butch.  He had notified the supervisor that it did not appear to be properly secured so the employer was aware of a problem.  The medical expenses will be covered under Workman's Comp.  As for Butch's medical condition, he is receiving heavy pain medication.  They are still assessing his condition and the extent of the damage does not appear to be fully known.  When he is released from the hospital he will go to a skilled nursing facility. It is unknown if he can feel his limbs but there are medical concerns for sensations he would normally feel that he can't feel currently.  We want to honor his privacy concerning his medical condition and will leave it up to Deb as to what she later discloses.  Keep those thoughts and prayers coming.

Friday Morning Update:  Butch's abdomen is badly swollen and the doctors are very concerned (it is also very painful). They have now found a blockage in his stomach.  Deb is in route to the hospital now.  Extra POTP needed!  

Friday Evening Update:  The doctors continue to try and treat the intestinal blockage as well as a few other problems that have occurred.  The plan is that they are going to try and get Butch up with a walker tomorrow.  They still plan to transfer him to the local hospital on Monday (eliminating the 2 hour drive for Deb).  Deb is very grateful for all the thoughts, prayers, and support she is receiving from Blogville!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ruby - Update

Friends, I am not sure what is going on but my girlfriend Ruby had to go to the dogtur today and could not lay down.  Please cross your paws for her to be ok!  Here is the post.

UPDATE:  I got this from Ruby's mom last night.  
The vet did the FULL workup, blood tests, stool sample, urine sample, ears, mouth etc...and everything looks clear...YEA! She does have something called Osteochrondritis. The vet thinks it's a small crack in the cartilage. She's on nausea meds and he's going to prescribe some anti-inflammatory meds. She FINALLY laid down. Thank God! Then when she got up she was limping, so I gave her an anti-inflammatory. Paws crossed that this is it. Her blood work comes back in a week or so.




Saturday, October 3, 2015

POTP from Amber and Max: Da Weenies of Florida

Amber and Max have a post up from September 25, 2015.
Sarah is their 15 year old Sissy.  She  pictured below, giving Amber a very good bath.  Sarah has had a very bad week and feels poorly.  She is struggling with a very bad case of Pancreatitis and has spent several days at the vet clinic due to seizures.  Currently she is home. She sleeps a lot and seems to have lost her appetite.  
Purrs are appreciated.
Mom Linda is recuperating from her 2nd cataract surgery which was more complicated than the first surgery.  
Her eyes are very sensitive to light.
You may leave some loving comments here or on their 
blog here

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Update on 3 Little Pugs Grandma Diane

Dear Friends 
Mom and I just received an update from Deb regarding the treatment plan for her precious Mom,

"Yesterday Mom met with her oncologist and was told her blood markers were up in the 60's.....a normal reading is between 15-20.  If she decided to do the original treatment plan which was radiation and hormones it would only bring it down to the 40's...........if she does both the chemo and radiation and hormones it may bring it down to the 30's.........with a possible 5 year reoccurrence. Poor Mom and Dad they just did not know what to do, or that they would face these type of odds.  So Mom chose to do it all and started her chemo yesterday and then goes back for an infusion shot later today.

I think we will just do one day at a time from now on...thank you for all your prayers they have meant the whole wide world to us.  If it was within my power to do this all for my Mom I would gladly step up, but apparently God has other plans.


P.S. I think some bloggers are mixed up and think I am the one doing the treatments, but it is my mom."

You may leave your purrs, hugs and healing comments either on the POTP blog or on
3 Little Pugs blog BY CLICKING here