Tuesday, November 30, 2021

POTP for the Lone Star Cat's GrandPaw!!


We were shocked to hear about a bad accident that happened to the Dad of Bowie and Brinley, and the Grandpa of Kinley, Travis and Angelique.

You can read all about it at Lone Star Cats, and at Kinley Westie. (Just click on the highlighted links.)


  1. I was so very sorry to read about your Garndpaw. YIKES what a horrible and scary accident.
    My husband and I are avid walkers mostly on local trails (where there are no cars) but some times in our neighborhood.
    Healing hugs

  2. We sure hope and pray that your dad and grandpa's shoulder and arm can be put to proper rights again.

    That kind of thing happens here sometimes, too...once it was someone with whom I worked and she was killed...it was a truck...and worse yet it was a hit and run.

    Phooey on all thoughtless and careless drivers.

  3. With everything going on at that house, he has no time to get sick.

  4. Purraying (and barking) for a quick recovery !