Sunday, February 28, 2021

Spitty Kitty OTRB

Here is a link to their blog

Mary mom to Spitty says

Said she had posted on Cats with Blogs and on my own FB page. I haven't done a blog post yet--I will probably need a little time to think about what I want to say there.

This was a hard loss, but everyone's kindness and concern has softened the blow. He really was a character, and I will miss him very much. But as I said in the FB posts, I won't be cat-less for very long--there are so many that need a good home & I know Spitty would approve.

XOXO, Mary


  1. we are so sad and our tears are running...

  2. Oh, Spitty, you sure were a special kitty...and many hearts are sad at this time... Rest well, and soon you will have strong Angel wings to fly with, all around the catnip meadows at the RB.

  3. We are sending purrayers and POTP to all who love King Spitty !