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Lord God, you are the Creator of all living things. We know that you care for each and every precious life. Please watch over all those whom we love and care for. We pray for healing and relief to all pets who suffer from illness or poor living conditions. We also pray for those humans we have come to know through our associations in Blogville. Give them strength when they are weary, health when they are ill, and hope when they feel hopeless. And we especially pray for those furiends and friends we have listed here.

Friday, May 19, 2017

LadyBug from BichonPawz has passed....

LADYBUG ~ fluffy, adorable, cute as a bug! So much loved by Jeanne and her sissyfur Chloe, and the whole BICHONPAWZ family, and so we sadly share the news that this little one has crossed her Rainbow Bridge very unexpectedly. There is not yet a posting on their blog, Jeanne is in shock over the sudden loss of LadyBug ~ so you may wish to wait a bit to leave a comment of comfort ... but please do check in. Thank you.



Darling to her family
Young at heart
Bichon Bermuda Bluez
Utterly beautiful
Girlie Girl


  1. Jeanne we are so shocked and heartbroken for you and your family to read of precious LadyBug's unexpected passing.
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. Hari Om
    Oh my... so sorry to hear of this untimely departure. Sending Love and condolence at this time of sadness... YAM xx

  3. I had no words just tears as I read the sad post at FB.... I wish I could give Jeanne a real hug and I could hold her hand... that is so hard to accept this bitter facts...

  4. Sending love and prayers to Bug's family. She was a beautiful, sweet, loving dog whom we all adored here in Blogville.

  5. Such unexpected sad news. Send Soft Pawkisses to comfort you <3 <3 <3

  6. Our hearts break for Miss Jeanne and Chloe♥

  7. I am heartbroken for Jeanne and Chloe 💔 They are all in my prayers

  8. we are truly sorry and send our sincerest sympathies to Ladybug's family ~~ ♥♥

  9. We were so very sorry to hear about Ladybug...She and her Chloe were one of our first friends when we started blogging :-(. Big hugs to Jeanne and Chloe(and the rest of the family)

  10. We were so surprised and saddened to hear about your little Ladybug! Sending lots of POTP to your family.

  11. We were so sad to hear about Lady Bug. sending hugs to Jeanne and Chloe
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. I am so sad for Jeanne, and share the heartbreaking loss of her beautiful Lady Bug.

  13. We didn't know her but have experienced the pain. Power of the Claw to the ones left behind.

  14. We can't leave a comment with Discus, so we'll just post our condolences here. So very sorry about the sudden loss of LadyBug. We know it's hard and send a warm hug!

  15. We would like to thank you all for your kind words. We are coping the best we can. We really appreciate the outpouring of love and support from you all.
    Jeanne and Chloe