Saturday, December 27, 2014

Derby and Jade Over the Rainbow bridge

I am so sorry dear friends ~ I no longer know what to say.  It was only a few short hours ago we asked for purrs and prayers for dear Derby.  Renal failure set in, and he had to be helped to cross his Rainbow Bridge.  Please give your words of comfort ...

Sadly, we share the news that the very beautiful JADE from Cat Tails by Myst and Blackie has crossed her Rainbow Bridge today.  Words of comfort would be most appreciated ~ thank you one and all.


  1. Mom and Madi all the years we have blogged I don't remember ever seeing this many furiends sick,
    injured or passing in a 36 hour period.
    We send hugs and purrs to Derby and Jade's family

  2. Hari Om
    It is indeed a sadness at all times, but as Madi has pointed out, at the moment there seems to be little relief. There are no words which can truly give solace at times like this, but knowing there are many hearts touched eases the burden somewhat. All Blessings for heart healing... YAM-aunty xxx

  3. That didn't give us time to send POTP. We were there December 17th. We do know the feeling. We can sob in harmony with you.

  4. were so very sorry.. we went and left some love,

  5. Yes, we heard the news from Ann...and we have stopped over to leave our sad.

  6. We are so very sorry to hear that. Losing one's furry friend is always so hard, but at this time of year, when all sould be joy, it's even harder. May memories comfort you and friends hold you close.

    Abby the Lab's family.

  7. Oh no... I'm so sorry for their families, it's the worst when this time of year is such a sad one...
    Easy Rider

  8. So terribly sad and sorry............

    Hugs, Sammy