Wednesday, September 11, 2019

POTP for Harley of 5 Sibes..

Harley's Mom wrote to Ann regarding her dear sweet Harley see below

You may read more here

Hello, Ann. I am going to be taking a blogging hiatus - including my FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday and #FlashbackFriday Blog Hops. 
Our Harley is nearing the time for us to help her journey to the Rainbow Bridge, so I am using this time to be with her and family, and 
I'll need time after as my heart is shattered. I'll drop you a line when I return. I just put up a post today. Thank you, Ann. ~Dorothy


  1. Dear Harley and Family...
    I send you my deepest heartfelt understanding and many hugs as you help Harley on her final journey. She is such a beautiful girl...
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. She won the canine lottery-a good home and peeps who loved her.

  3. Hari OM
    Sending furry many hugs and wishes for this bittersweet parting... YAM xx

  4. OMG! I love it, "Power of the Paws"! I am now following you and any other cites affiliated with you. Power of the Paws. What a great saying. I've had many dogs in my life time, but my last three were all, "Black Labradors"! Now although the one I have now... Charlie, is about the youngest one I've had in Labs and he was a shelter dog I really lucked out. He's funny, and has strange ways when he does thing he's a very loving and lovable dog. I believe his mama was a Chocolate Lab and his daddy was a black lab because when he stands in the light (especially the sun) He's this warm golden brown, and otherwise a very shiny black. He "HATES".... did I say "HATE", yes he does totally go ballistic with his barking when he knows she's coming. hahaha, but sometimes not so funny. Oh I can tell you things he's done or does all day, but I almost didn't get him because the police officer that brought him in said he might want him when he came back from a weekend xcursion. He NEVER showed up... therefore "MINE"! WOO-HOO!!! Charlie has been with us "3" yrs. now, and the Vet said he was 9 yrs old. WRONG! He's a baby for sure. I said he was about 7 even 5 when we first got him. First NO GRAY! He loves to run as fast as he can in circles right after he takes a dump! iT'S TOO FUNNY! HAHAHA As I said we have had him now 3 yrs. and he just started showing gray around his mouth. My last Vet said that my other dogs lived so long because they were very well loved and they were. I still miss "Baby" (our last dog). Baby was 19 going on 20 when she went to Rainbow Heaven! The one before her was our "Cleo" short for Cleopatra cuz she thought she was a Queen! hahaha Cleo did some great trick including talking in her own way it was uncanny! Amazing! We got her from a dog pound. We were walking through the dog pound looking for a dog to protect my children when I was away at work, and she did. My youngest child was away at school & came home at 4:30 when a man that was hiding in my bushings ( I trimmed them to waist size after the incident. He hid in those bushes & after she went in she left the door open (she won't do that again), and he entered as easy as you please. I came home about 5 or 10 after 5 because I was getting off the Metra Train (was a paralegal in downtown Chicago. Anyway he jumped my dog and guess who jumped on him and Melissa noticed yep "Baby"! She loved all of us & saved my baby! Okay, I'm talking to much here & that's a fault of mine. So nice to meet you! HUGS Beautiful dogs... which one is yours???

  5. Sending them love and hugs at this difficult time
    Mabel & Hilda