Friday, April 12, 2019

Hazel the Matriarch of Idaho Pugs: OTRB

It is with a heavy heart we read about
our Huggy Puggy Friend Hazel's passing.......
Sophia's Hazelnut Starbaby CD RA CGC
11/07/04 - 04/11/19 

Please click HERE to visit Hazel's Family


  1. Sophia's Hazelnut Starbaby ...dear one you surely lived up to all your given names.
    Sophia: in my mind's eye is quite sophisticated
    Hazel fit your sweet Huggy Puggy face
    Nut: you made me laugh so many times with your happy dance when being offered treats.
    Starbaby: you were the Martriarch and Star of your life.
    I will miss your precious pug face but am positive you, Mr. B and Greta the Great are reunited.
    Love to your family!!

  2. I am glad she gets to see her wonderful siblings Bailey and Greta again. Casey will be happy to say hello too -- they had a beautiful date once! But as usual, those of us left behind will be so sad not to have her with us anymore. :(

  3. We are so sorry and send you warm, gentle hugs.

  4. The news about Hazel made us very sad, but we will always remember her dances and her beautiful smile!!! Soft woos and gentle hugs to her family.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Its heartbreaking, dear sweet Hazel was such a big part of our blogging story and we are going to miss her so much. Just going over now to leave a message for her peeps and Mabel
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. There re going to be some upset peeps and pets.

  7. Hari om
    Blogville is a little less today... hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  8. We're going to miss seeing Hazel's cute little funny face. Sending lots of hugs to your family.

  9. Hazel is running free and feeling well again - with all the friends who Went Before.

  10. Oh no, I was desperately afraid that this was coming. So sad. Keeping her family in our thoughts and prayers.

  11. Sorry to read this. :( Hugs for her human.

  12. We are all so sad to say good-bye to the lovely Hazel. She always made me smile and brightened my day with that sweet little face. Hugs to her family.