Thursday, May 5, 2016

Whitley Update

Ann from Zoolarty just sent out this lovely memorial button for Whitley

Blogville's best dressed zombie hunter, Whitley, has grown tired,  Her body can no longer contain her feisty spirit and the time has come to let her run free again.  Please send your POTP to Whitley, her mom Kim, her bestest furend Finley and all her family members as they make their last act of love and say goodbye,  There will be heartaches bigger than the state of Texas so they can use all your prayers.  Fun free Whitley!

Whitley's mom has updated the blog for the last post.  Please be sure to read the last two.


  1. I just heard about sorry!

  2. Whitley had a great run, er, make that swim.

  3. Whitley I'm so sorry... hugs to you, to your mom , to Finley and your family....

  4. Whitley was one of my first friends on Dogster many years ago. She convinced us to come to Blogville and helped in many ways. She has been a great friend to so many and will be missed! Milton

  5. We read her blog this morning, in tears. She had such a wonderful day yesterday.
    stella rose and momma

  6. Lady cried in her cornflakes this morning when she read Whitley's beautiful post.

  7. SEnding our love and prayers for Whitley and her family as they say goodbye to their dear girl
    Mr Bailey, Hazel, Mabel & Mom

  8. Huge hugs to her entire family♥ It's so hard to let one of your furfamily members go :-(

  9. My heart is breaking for Whitley's momma, good-byes are so hard. Prayers for the family.

    Aroo to you,

  10. Whitley my sweet little friend. You might have been small but you had a heart the size of your beautiful state of Texas. I bet you are sashaying across the rainbow bridge dressed to the nines and all the ladies are admiring your style and the men are swooning
    Dear Whitley's family we are so sorry for your loss...she had a big personality and will be missed.
    Hugs madi and mom

  11. Hari OM
    Have visited with Whitley... said my goodbyes. Tears in the eyes... may she know many bacon burgers and chocolates over the rainbow... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  12. To Whitley's family

    H(uge heart)
    T(ickled my fancy with her Dresses)
    E(legantly dressed)
    Y(ellow Texas Rose)
    Hugs madi and Mom

  13. Breaks our hearts that we can't live forever! Wishing Whitley a peaceful Journey.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  14. We will so miss our feisty friend Whitley, but understand that she is ready to say goodbye.
    Hugs to Kim and all her family.
    Gail and Bertie.

  15. Whitley may have been small in stature but she was larger than life. We will miss her fashion and feisty personality. Love and hugs to all of her family.

  16. I just heard about it, too... I am so very sorry!

  17. We are all so very sad! Will be praying extra hard fur her Mama and family.

    Matt & Matilda

  18. We are going to miss Whitley, but know she is waiting to greet us (possibly with a new line of beautimous dresses) at the Bridge.
    We love you and miss you already and are sending lots of love to your family!
    Mama Beth, Dory and the Boyz

  19. What a beautiful Banner. My Mom cried like a little kid when she read Whitley's last posts. We hope Barkley says hi up at the bridge as he loved to run and play, until he couldn't.

    Abby Lab

  20. My love and prayers tooo, Yes, a very beautiful Banner.

  21. I am so sad to hear this. Whitley and her mom Kim are two of my faves here in Blogville.

  22. We have sent our love and gentle hugs to Whitley's family..too many leaving blogville ..too many..loves Fozziemum xx