Saturday, December 30, 2023

Remembering our Friends, Loved and Lost during 2023



  1. What a lovely end–of–the–year rememberance, so well written with Mont Blanc fountain pen!
    Thank you for having Bandido listed.

  2. I thank you kindly for including Blueberry. I have sobbed my way through the holidays without her and cannot believe I will have to face next year without her by my side. We had the best adventures together.

  3. What a sad list - but what a lot of love and wonderful memories !

  4. Usually someone or two from our crew would be on this list - Somehow we made it through 2023 without a loss, but I know that will change in 2024 with Lily having cancer, and an 'aging' crew. But for now, I share the loss of those beloved 4 legged family members and thank you once again for this blog that is truly one of love, kindness and where losses are shared. ❤🌈

  5. So sorry for your losses, what a lovely thing to do to keep their spirit alive! Hope you have an amazing New Year!

    xoxo, MIDORI