Sunday, April 16, 2023

Power of the Paw for Sue, mom to Portuguese Water Dogs

 Sue Devoted mom to the Portuguese Water dogs has been very sick from a 

The Pups and their Dad would appreciate your prayers

A devastating health situation has befallen Sue Wilcox-Hall of the LEGACY blog, home
of Mackey, Sydney and little pup Boston.  Her husband Robert writes of it in a
current posting  and the Power
of the Paw, purrs and prayers ~ and your support and so much needed.  He provides
his own email address in the posting for any who wish to reach out directly.  
Ann Adamus can provide a mailing address for any who would like to send cards or
letter of caring and support at this time, contact her at
Thank you.


  1. Dear Sue, Rob and Pups
    I am so very sorry to hear about Sue being so sick. I send you all my many healing prayers.
    Sue and Molly sent me the link to your post today. I have posted on POTP blog and have requested it be posted on Catblogosphere blog. They have daily news that many read.
    My best

  2. Sending you purrayers and POTP that you are getting better !

  3. Oh, dear that is terrible.
    We add our fervent POTP, and prayers for a good recovery.

    We know too well about tick illnesses...our Grandma had chronic Lyme disease...and we think it affected her cognitive status as well as all kinds of joint troubles.
    One of petcretary's friends suffered for a long time with that too.

  4. I saw the post, and left my POTP for our longtime blogging friend. We'd been 'connected' via Facebook, but her account is deactivated - But I have her and her husband in my prayers for her health and strength to return as we cheer her on to recover.

  5. At this "moment", Rob cannot sign in to the blog to read comments it seems. He did give his own email address in the post for any who wish to write directly to him. If anyone would like the MAILING address to send cards of caring, just email Ann at zoolatry at gmail dot com and I'll send it to you ... thanks to one and all.

  6. Sue and Rob remain in our thoughts and prayers♥

  7. We are sending lots of prayers and POTP for Sue's recovery!