Monday, May 23, 2022

Farewell to Shoko and Tyebe's Blog

 Since October of 2013, many of us have been amused, delighted and charmed by Shoko and Tyebe ... by Angels Budd and Kali on the blog The Canadian Cats.

Photos and cartoons and wit ~ recipes to fill up the tumtum with yumyum!
It was not news to know that during the past year, Jean had battled various
health issues, and had only posted on her blog intermittently, but sadly the
news came from her husband Bill today that she has suffered a stroke, and
The Canadian Cats have bid farewell to blogging.  Jean will be missed, as
will Shoko and Tyebe ~ and so we sign off with wishes of good thoughts and
love to both of them for the days ahead, many blessings.  And as Jean always said,
"remember, the path to heaven passes through a teapot."
You may visit their farewell blog by clicking HERE below


  1. Bill thank you for letting us know.
    Please thank Jean for all her lovely work with the Crotchety Cougars. She gave our old girls a new lease on life with fun trips and even a cruise. They all had more fun than any felines should ever have. In fact, Angel Madi had a bigger social life than I did. I'll part by expressing my thoughts of Jean with the letters of her name,
    Enjoyed new recipes.
    Always made me smile with her words
    Never will I forget her for her kindness

    With healing thoughts and prayers
    Cecilia aka Mom to Angel Madi

  2. we are super sad... but we will stay in touch... always by phone, mail & by heart

  3. We sure will miss them - and we sure wish them all well.