Thursday, January 6, 2022

Goodness Gracie OTRB

Goodness Gracie or Gabby Gracie, she was both and more! Playful and silly,
sweet and loving. And all over the cat world on her own bloggie and well
loved by the Tabby Cat Club. As she herself said, way back in 2012, "I picked
my family and they never saw it coming!" They were so happy to have
her all these years, yet now so sad to say farewell ... will you visit please
with words of comfort on the loss of this special little girl, thank you.

In August 2015 Madi and many of her Cat Scout friends went on a Flat Cat Tour
Below I have copied their visit to Manor Madi

Flat Scout Friday....

Friends OMCs I'm racking up the First Class mail miles.
A few weeks ago I hoped in an envelope to head up to 
See Gracie in Indiana.  It was late when I arrived,
so both hibernated in this most wonderful bed for some
 shut eye...Then all of a sudden we heard something...
 We both woke hungry as bears...but never fear Gracie 
is the hostess with the mostest, she had treats.

Afterwards Gracie and I jumped in another envelope to head
down to see Raz, Allie and Ellie
I rec'd some smell(y) mail on Monday August 17, 2015...
Flat Madi and 5 of her besties, Allie,Anya, Gracie, Raz and 
Sammy arrived straight from the beaches of Florida...
Let me just tell you 5 Flats in one envelope was crowed

Sammy and Raz were the ultimate gentlemen letting the ladies GO first

You know when 3 girlz head to the potty together it is no
telling how long they will be.The boyz had to cross their legs, 
eyes, toes and who knows what else while the waited for the
girlz to come

We all had a quick snack 

They all joined Real Madi on her favorite bed...
good thing it is a queen size mattress

Mom snapped a group photo of us playing Funniest hat game
Then she packed up the flats in their individual suitcases
to send them home....

Gracie and all the Scouts were always so much fun...
I hope this flashback brought a little smile to your faces in the midst 
of the loss.

Goodness Gracious Gracie
Really soft furs
Always ready to part-ee
Cat Scout
Everlasting paw print on our hearts


  1. hat a sweet memory... and we fortunately have so many what help us to smile when our tears are running...

  2. That was such a fun time. Thanks for reminding us! We sure had a lot of fun together.

  3. That was so much sure had a crowd of "flats" there at the same time. I think the most we had here was three. Thanks for the flashback memory- "those were the days" !!

    Love, Pam and Teddy (and Angel Sammy)

  4. Thanks for the memories here ! Fly free sweet Gracie !


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