Monday, June 10, 2019

Winkie dear sweet one run free...

Brave Winkie never gave up hope for a FUREVER home
he found one and was loved to the moon and back for 
SEVEN years.
Run free
Ann sent us this beautiful picture and the lovely heartfelt words 

This special little boy, WINKIE, has crossed his Rainbow Bridge. It was not an easy life for him at the start, abused and abandoned and so very ill. Perhaps age three or four ... health began to return after a year of fostering. Winkie arrived at his new forever home, always to be deaf and partially blind ...but there he lived for just over seven amazing and wonderful years ... so very much loved, a fun pup, brave, happy and patient. He is missed, he will always be missed ... farewell, dear Winkie.

Visit WINKIE'S family here ...


  1. Winkie I am so sorry about your first four years alone and without love.
    One thing for sure the first day of the rest of your life was full of love, friends, family and unconditional understanding for your needs.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. We miss the Winkster, my little man, so very much. But we have bushels of happy memories. He made us laugh all the time!
    Mommy Marty (and Hershey)

  3. We are glad that Winkie found a loving furever home and had a wonderful life
    pug prayers for Winkie's family
    Mabel & Hilda

  4. I'm glad he had some happy years. Rescues give love back.

  5. at least 7 happy years for this cute pup....but we wish it would be much much more...

  6. We were so sad to hear about Winkie! Hope his family is doing all right. Sending lots of cocker spaniel hugs and kisses.

  7. winkie is now pain free and well again. So good that he found such love.

  8. It's always so heartbreaking when they leave us. Our hearts go out to his family. Bless them for giving Winkie the best years!