Monday, January 16, 2017

Update: Emergency help needed

From Jan...Quinn has care...

If you live, or know someone in the Minneapolis, MN community perhaps you can help. A few days ago Carol Zunker was transported by paramedics to hospital, leaving kitty Quinn with 3-days of food.  As I write she is in ICU and we know little of the medical situation or what lies ahead, let alone when she may return home.  Or if there is a possibility of transfer to a nursing facility or rehab; sadly we just do not know enough at this  point.
And we do not know about Quinn's situation for the days ahead.  Food, water.  Will anyone come to tend to him?  What will happen when his food bowl runs dry ...
So ... if you can assist in any way, either because you are nearby or know someone nearby, please reach out to Jan Price.  Contact her as soon as you can to get any further details or information.  
And of course, paws together for this dear friend, for her return to good health, and her return home, and the safety and well being of her beloved little kitty.
Blessings to you, and thank you.
Ann Adamus



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  2. Sorry I didn't get the update until after Ann's email went out. Carol is relieved to know Quinn is safe at home and someone was found to care for her. Carol will be transferred tomorrow to a transitional place to get better. She is receiving OT and PT. Everyone is hoping she will be back with Quinn before long.

  3. I'm glad that it's all OK as it could be. My peep spent 15 hours in Minnesota one day a while ago. It seens that all of Minnesota is here in Arizona this time of year.

  4. So glad to hear that Quinn is ok and hope her mom will be too!

  5. I was so sad as I read the mail... but now I feel a little better... POTP to Quinn and his mom...

  6. Jan, Cecilia and all: was "on the road" again, so could not post, etc., but I am thrilled to know Quinn is being cared for. It also sounds as though there may be some slight improvement for Carol; I hope and pray she will not have to stay too long in transitional care, and can back home to her kitty and her life. Blessings to all ... Jan, as best you can, keep us all up to date please! Hugs, love ... Ann (We all need each other, don't we!)

  7. So relieved to hear this. Healing Pawkisses to Carol <3 <3 <3

  8. Sending lots of POTP. I hope everything works out all right and your friend can recover and go home to her kitty cat.